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For such a widely occurring phenomenon, surprisingly little is known about the mechanism underlying how touch signals are conveyed to the brain,” says lead author Francie Moehring, senior neuroscience graduate student in the laboratory of Cheryl Stucky ...

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The 15-person team boasts an analyst with a neuroscience doctorate and one with a doctorate in molecular biology. Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond Index (VBILX) and Vanguard Tax-Exempt Bond Index (VTEAX) show Vanguard expanding its passive strategies ...

-dependent demethylation of phosphatase PP2Ac promotes glucose deprivation–induced cell death independently of ... - Science

2Department of Medical Biochemistry, Max F. Perutz Laboratories, Medical University of Vienna, Dr. Bohr-Gasse 9, 1030 Vienna, Austria. 3Programme in Neuroscience and Behavioural Disorders, Duke-NUS Medical School, 8 College Road, 169857, Singapore ...

Neuroscience for Kids

Seattle - United States

Intended for elementary and secondary school students and teachers who are interested in learning more about the nervous system and brain. Hands on activities, experiments, information for all grade levels.

Eagle Kids
United States

Includes games, coloring pages, pictures, eCards, and more for children.

Frogs for Kids
United States

See pictures of frogs, find out what kinds of frogs live in Minnesota, hear what their calls sound like, print out pages to color, and learn lots about frogs. From the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Kids' Planet
United States

Interactive wildlife and conservation site featuring games, quizzes, fact sheets, stories, teacher resources, and other cool stuff.

Kids Do Ecology
United States

Ecology is the relationship of living things to each other and to what's around them. So, if you are learning about what kinds of relationships fish have with other animals (including us!) and plants in their neighborhood, then you are learning about ecology. The word ECOLOGY comes from Greek words meaning "study of the household." That means that ecology is the study of the "household" of living things: their neighbors and neighborhood. Ecology

Sun Safety For Kids
United States

Guide for developing school or camp sun safety programs. Includes legislation, links, and articles about aspects of sun safety.

Kids Health: Looking at Your Lungs
United States

Describes anatomy and function.

Kids' Cicada Hunt
United States

Designed for families with young children who find cicadas (nymphs, shed skins, or adults) and then search the Web to learn more about them.

kids + teachers: Frogs
United States

Includes an illustrated field guide to help you identify Great Lakes frogs, fun frog facts, and frog themed games and crafts. From the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant.

10 Kids Helping Pets
United States

Homeless animals from Southern California animal shelters seeking loving homes.

All About Frogs for Kids and Teachers
United States

Information and activities from