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Zach Sobiech died of rare bone cancer. Now his… - Press Press
Kluesner, a senior biochemistry and neuroscience major at the University of Minnesota, is now working on finding a cure for the disease that killed his friend. Kluesner received an Undergraduate Research Opportunity to spend the summer working with ...

Tapping genetics for better beer -
They study evolution, biochemistry, and even neuroscience through yeast. But they also have contracts with beer makers worldwide, from multinational conglomerates to small trend-setting craft breweries. In an upcoming Cell paper, the lab will report ...

Freshman seminar bridges food, environment and culture - Princeton University

Princeton University
Caylor signed on as the lead teacher and four other faculty members from the across the University gave guest lectures: Alan Gelperin, senior lecturer in molecular biology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute; David Wilcove, Professor of Ecology ...

Neuroscience Tutorial

Saint Louis - United States

Illustrated guide to the essentials of clinical neuroscience designed for medical students as well as for the general public. Created by the Washington University School of Medicine.

Ecology Tutorial
United States

Short introduction to the science of ecology, including terminology.

Amphibian Embryology Tutorial
United States

Graphical supplement for teaching and learning about amphibian development from the University of Wisconsin.

Cat Anatomy Tutorial
United States

Designed to be used by college students studying cat anatomy. Serves as a guide to the cat's skeletal system and internal organs.

Amphibian Embryology Tutorial
United States

Glossary and graphical illustration of oogenesis, cleavage, gastrulation and neuraltion, primarily in Ambystoma and Xenopus, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Biology Project: Meiosis Tutorial
United States

Exercise designed to help illustrate the events that occur in process of meiosis, which takes place to produce gametes.

Sea Urchin Embryology Tutorial
United States

Examines the fertilization, cleavage, gastrulation, and patterning processes.

Cell Cycle and Mitosis Tutorial
United States

Includes images and a QuickTime animation of the process.

United States

Life is possible only if molecules and cells remain organized. Organization requires energy, as governed by the laws of thermodynamics. Just about anything a living organism does requires energy. We most often think of energy as food or calories. Cells, however, think of energy as ATP. Cellular respiration is the process of taking the food we eat (like sugar) and converting it into an energy that can be used by cells - ATP.

Tadpoles of the United States and Canada: A Tutorial and Key
United States

An approach to identifying frog larvae using characteristics of living tadpoles. Includes photographs.

Biology Project: Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes, & Viruses Tutorial
United States

Online exercise designed to introduce readers to the kinds of cells that make up all living systems, and to contrast cells with viruses.