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Over 200 million dollars for Salton Sea restoration - KYMA

“Because the lives of the residents and the flora and fauna of the Salton Sea basin are life-depending upon that. The local high school in Salton Sea has four times the state level of asthma. School children in mecca are getting nosebleeds and asthma ...

Neuse Basin

North Carolina State Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology
United States

Specializes in research on the nutritional ecology and toxic activity of the toxic dinoflagellate Pfiesteria and its impacts on fish ...

United States

Provides information and data about the ACE basin's environment, people, and issues. [PDF]

Turkana Basin Institute (TBI) - Stony Brook University
United States

Learn about TBI's research program that addresses the entire span of human evolution through studying the deposits in the Omo-Turkana ...

Great Basin Rattlesnake -
United States

See photos of Crotalus oreganus lutosus, the venomous rattler commonly know as the Great basin Rattlesnake.

United States

Photo and brief information on habitat and physical traits.

United States

Range, ecology, life history, and conservation status.

Hobbits in the Haystack: Homo floresiensis and Human Evolution
United States

Turkana basin Institute Seventh Human Evolution Workshop is a public symposium that focuses on a prehistoric hominin that has recently ...

Friends of the Swainson's Hawk
United States

Dedicated to the survival and recovery of the California Sacramento/Central Valley population of Swainson's Hawk.

Human Origins Project - National Geographic
United States

Find human evolution information and facts along with updates on The Human Origins Project, a joint initiative of the National ...

Ants of West Africa & the Congo Basin
United States

Presents geography, history, ant mosaic patterns, taxonomy, and biodiversity information.

Pinus longaeva
United States

Description and images of the Great basin Bristlecone Pine of the southwestern USA, the longest-lived of all nonclonal tree species.

Chelidae: Freshwater Turtles

Taxonomy and ecology of the three species of turtle that are found in the Murray Darling basin in Australia, their ...

United States

Species account for this endangered species found in San Joaquin Valley and Tulare basin marshlands in California.

The Principles of the Transboundary System of Nature Environment Protection: The Upper Bug
United States

Project to protect the ecosystems of the Western Bug basin, on the boundary between Poland and Ukraine, by collaboration between ...


Promotes the conservation of Yangtze freshwater dolphins and the habitats in which they live as part of a greater mission ...

United States

An electronic book by Brian Taylor covering geography and history, ant mosaics, economic importance of ants, biodiversity and niches, and ...

Brugmansia versicolor
United States

General information and classification.

Hevea brasiliensis: The Rubber Tree
United States

Article by Laura Law on this tree from the Amazon basin, its description and the history of the development of ...

Jornada Basin Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Project Home Page
United States

The project focuses on changes in the distribution of soil resources as an index of the impact of vegetation change--desertification--on ...

Surumoni Project

Research projects, publications, and study site information. Austrian Academy of Sciences project, La Esmeralda, Orinoco basin, Venezuela.

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