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Fossil Bat Stories, Part 1 - Scientific American (blog)

Scientific American (blog)
I'm sure I've said on several occasions that there are vast tetrapod groups that I've simply never covered in any depth at Tet Zoo – this, after 12 years of operation. It's a disgrace. There are quite a few really good books on bats. There are quite a ...

Swastika, slur found drawn in snow near Botany Gardens - The Daily Cardinal

The Daily Cardinal
A swastika and the homosexual slur “FAG” were discovered written in the snow between Botany Gardens and Chamberlin Hall early Tuesday morning. Jackie Spaight — a UW-Madison student — found the symbols written in the snow around 9:15 a.m. when she was ...

How Darwin's Fossil Collection Helped Him To Come Up With ... - Forbes

Charles Darwin almost doesn't mention fossils in his work about the Origin of Species, despite the fossil record as direct evidence of evolution. He maybe was too concerned about the imperfection of the geological record.
Sun Sentinel

New African Ape Fossil Discovered

Tadworth - United Kingdom

BBC Science and Nature article by Helen Briggs on the discovery of fossils of an ape that lived 10 million years ago which could hold clues to the dawn of human evolution.

United States

Article discussing recreational divers' encounters with the endangered fish in South Africa.

Renilla GFP: Discovered and Identified by Function
United States

Features slide show detailing the discovery and characterization of GFP from the sea pansy Renilla reniformis.

United States

Scientists have found skeletons of a human species that grew no larger than a three-year-old modern child. The species lived with pygmy elephants and giant lizards on a remote island in Indonesia. From National Geographic.

Genome News Network: New Amino acid Discovered in Methanosarcina barkeri
United States

Reports on the discovery of a new amino acid, pyrrolysine, coded by UAG (normally a stop codon) in this methanogen.

Fossil Biomechanics
United States

Current research into the biomechanics of fossil sea scorpions (eurypterids).

A Fossil Bryophyte
United States

The sporophyte stalk of a Devonian-age fossil bryophyte from Scotland.

Ape Alliance

International coalition of organisations and individuals, working for the conservation and welfare of apes.

The Coelacanth, Living Fossil
United States

Detailed coverage of discovery and research of the 400 million year-old species of fish. Including recent news and video.

Fossil Monitor Lizards
United States

About the fossil history of varanid (monitor) lizards.

Ginkgoales: Fossil Record
United States

Illustrated discussion of the fossil record of ginkgos through the Tertiary.