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Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzers Market Analysis, Prediction by Region, Type, Applications and Technology - Biotechnology News

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Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzers Market Research Report is a Proficient and In-Depth Study on the Existing State of Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzers Industry. This Report Focuses on the Major Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities and Threats for Key ...
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Cell Biologist Andreas Doncic Dies - The Scientist

The Scientist
Doncic's lab, which he started in 2015, was studying cell division decision-making in budding yeast and was in the process of publishing its first results. “What he found is a mathematical approach to this prediction [of cell fate] with multiple sets ...

Global In-Vitro Toxicology/ Toxicity Testing Market Analysis 2018 by ... - E-Buzz Community (blog)

E-Buzz Community (blog)
Global In-Vitro Toxicology/ Toxicity Testing Market report analyses the prospects in the Global In-Vitro Toxicology/ Toxicity Testing market for several ...

New Horizons in Toxicity Prediction

Lake Elmo - United States

Symposium to be held in Cambridge in December 2008 exploring various current approaches to toxicity prediction, covering and comparing the tools and methods available today and looking at emerging areas and technologies.

United States

P. aquilinum page from "Poisonous Plants of North Carolina" by Dr. Alice B. Russell.

Acute Toxicity Database
United States

Statistical approaches for taxonomic comparisons, and factors such as age, pH, temperature, water hardness, and diet affecting toxicological outcome. Maintained by the Columbia Environmental Research Center, Missouri.

Black Walnut Toxicity
United States

Information from the West Virginia University Extension Service on this tree and its relationship to other plants growing nearby, many of which are affected by the toxic chemical juglane produced by it.

Quaternary Structure Prediction
United States

An experimental bioinformatics server. Classifies protein sequences as homodimers or non-homodimers. Applications: metabolic reconstruction, protein structure and function assignment, and drug-design.

Protein Structure Prediction Center
United States

Advances and archive of meetings on critical assessment of 3D determination from sequence using alignment tools. Maintained at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California.

United States

Search a compilation of exposure factors (i.e., ecological and physiological data) and toxicity data for a number of California mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.

Distributed Structure-Searchable Toxicity Database Network
United States

DSSTox provides a community forum for publishing standard format, structure-annotated toxicity data files for open public access. Offers search based on chemical formula, maintained by the Environment Protection Agency, USA.

PFP: Automated Function Prediction Server
United States

Accepts a single query protein sequence and returns the most probable Gene Ontology functional annotations in each of the three ontologies.

Protein Structure Prediction Server (PSIPRED)
United Kingdom

3D protein structure prediction from amino acid sequence. Includes MEMSAT for transmembrane topology prediction, GenTHREADER and mGenTHREADER for fold recognition.

United Kingdom

DBD is a database of predicted transcription factors in completely sequenced genomes. The predicted transcription factors all contain assignments to sequence specific DNA-binding domain families.