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How clever biochemistry is tackling HIV - New Scientist

New Scientist
Some of the first reverse transcriptase inhibitors emerged from collaboration in the early 90s between the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry in Prague, the Rega Institute for Medical Research in Leuven, Belgium, and Gilead Sciences. The ...

Defence strategies: How immunology took its great leap forward - New Scientist

New Scientist
IMMUNOLOGIST Charles Janeway had an audacious idea. It was 1989 and most of his colleagues thought the immune system was primed solely to detect molecules it hadn't seen before. Janeway thought he had evidence that novelty alone wasn't enough to ...

Ending a 20 Year Heated Debate in Biology, Prof. Cees Dekker Shows That Cells Tidy Up DNA by Extruding Loops - Newswise (press release)

Newswise (press release)
For 20 years, biologist have debated how a cell is able to package a big jumble of DNA into tiny chromosomes, while preparing for cell division. Prof Cees Dekker reports in Science (First Release 22 Feb) the answer is: 'by pulling loops'. “We've been ...

New Scientist: Chromosomes Reveal Surprise Human-chimp Differences

Reed - United Kingdom

Comparisons of newly-sequenced chimpanzee chromosome 22 and its counterpart, human chromosome 21, show that while the DNA differences are small, they are spread out to affect 83 percent of the proteins coded for.

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    Chromosomes reveal surprise human-chimp differences - 26 May 2004 - New Scientist
    While just 1. 5 per cent of the shared DNA is different, deletions and insertions cause major changes to many proteins

New Scientist: Dawn of Human Race Uncovered
United Kingdom

The discovery of three Ethiopian skulls from 160,000 years ago, showing almost completely modern features, lends new support to the Out-of-Africa hypothesis. Includes information about handling of skulls after death and dating techniques used.

Botanical Images by J.L. Reveal
United States

Includes photos of many species of Eriogonum.

The Chromosomes in Heredity
United States

Full text of W. S. Sutton's 1903 publication in Biological Bulletin. [PDF]

Y Chromosomes Rewrite British History
United States

This article in Nature comments on the findings of Capelli et al. in their Y-chromosome census of the British Isles.

Y Chromosomes Point to Native American Adam
United States

An article based on Y-DNA studies suggests that all Native Americans can be traced back to a male founder who lived 20,000 years ago.

Ensembl Chimp
United Kingdom

Tool for exploring the chimp (Pan troglodytes) genome. Ensembl Chimp provides a data set based on the November 13, 2003, 4x shotgun assembly from the Chimpanzee Sequencing Consortium.

Chimp Haven, Inc.
United States

Mission is to provide a permanent home to chimpanzees no longer needed in biomedical research and unwanted pets and entertainers.

United States

Information and adoption packages for former biomedical research chimpanzees.

United States

Features articles and interactive graphics illustrating the differences between chimpanzees and humans.

Scientific American Frontiers: Chimp Minds
United States

PBS program examines how our primate cousins, the chimpanzees, think and learn.