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Kids have learning on the brains — literally — at UC Irvine conference - Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times
As guests walked into the conference room for the live review, many lingered near the back to take photos and hold the human and sheep brains on display, despite the pungent rotten-egg smell of a solution used to keep the brains firm and intact ...

Researchers find polyploidy has occurred many times during the evolution of insects - Phys.Org

The UA team, headed by Michael S. Barker, assistant professor and director of bioinformatics in the UA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, has found that polyploidy, the duplication of whole genomes, has occurred many times during the ...

Conference to focus on climate change, biodiversity and sustainability -
Dubai: Renowned international climate change experts, conservationists and academics will examine the challenges and opportunities for integrating the three key issues of global climate change, biodiversity and sustainability in a conference in Dubai ...

New Zealand Bioinformatics Conference

Dunedin - New Zealand

workshops and papers were hosted by Dr James Ostell and Dr Damian Conway. Can find papers and information from this conference which took place in 2003

CordBank - New Zealand
New Zealand

New Zealand licensed cord blood collection, processing, and storage facility.

New Zealand Fungi
New Zealand

Images, photos, keys and lots of information on mushrooms in New Zealand

New Zealand Mollusca
New Zealand

Showcases checklists and pictures of recent species.

New Zealand Shags
New Zealand

Description of the shags or cormorants found in New Zealand.

New Zealand Penguins
New Zealand

Information on penguin species in New Zealand, including their status and conservation. Also news, games, books, and links.

ANZSCDB - New Zealand
New Zealand

The Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology works to enhance Australian and New Zealand research in Cell and Developmental Biology and encourage international collaborations through: Forum for discussion and dissemination of latest research trends and ideas; Advocacy with governmental bodies; Annual awarding of the prestigious President's Medal; Annual awarding of the Young Investigator Award; Convening with t

Fungi of New Zealand
New Zealand

Features images, photographs and information on New Zealand fungi, mushrooms and mycology.

New Zealand Penguins
New Zealand

Guide to the various species of penguins in the New Zealand region, their habits, conservation and where to view them.

Protura of New Zealand
New Zealand

Introduction, checklist, and biology.

New Zealand

Organisation dedicated to assisting New Zealanders who wish to use cryonic cryopreservation as an option upon legal death.