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Impact of temperature on mitochondrial DNA evolution - Science Daily

Science Daily
Fruit flies exhibit sexual dimorphism. Males are smaller, they have bristle on their forelegs, their abdomen is blunt, and their stripes meld together and become dark toward the back of the abdomen. Females are larger, and their abdomen is longer ...

Museum of Natural History exhibits rare treasures from antique print collection - Santa Ynez Valley News

Santa Ynez Valley News
From June 22 to Sept. 3, the John and Peggy Maximus Gallery at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History will exhibit 50 rare historic prints from its unique collection of more than 3,500 engravings and lithographs relating to the history of ...

Two Human Toes Were Stolen From an Anatomy Exhibit - Mental Floss

Mental Floss
A 28-year-old New Zealand man walked into an anatomy exhibition with 10 toes and walked out with 12. We don't know why or how he did it, but the man stole two human toes from a Body Worlds display in Auckland last month, The New Zealand Herald ...

NLM's Frankenstein Exhibit

Rockville - United States

The Frankenstein novel, and its films, seen through the modern topic of medical ethics. From the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Maryland.

Vertebrate Flight Exhibit
United States

Explores the physics of vertebrate flight, with particular emphasis on its origins and evolution.

Jane and David Allen Manatee Exhibit
United States

Information about research being done by the Mote Marine Laboratory in Florida. Studies include tests for the animal's visual acuity, whisker sensitivity, and lung capacity.

Woodchuck - Fermilab Flora and Fauna Exhibit
United States

Information about the woodchuck, Marmota monax, is also called the groundhog or the whistle-pig.