Biology News
All aboard the Dolphin Explorer: an in-depth look at the 10000 Islands ... - Naples Herald

Naples Herald
Dave Strickland is a Master Captain with a PhD in Marine Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz. James Livaccari is a Biologist and Researcher for the Dolphin Project. Kristen Fronehlich and Rachel Miner, are both Marine Biologists.

NIAA honors Olivet biology department for years of river project support - Kankakee Daily Journal

Kankakee Daily Journal
Biology professor Randy Johnson and his students have recently done more than two years of "grow out" experiments for sand taken from the river to try to determine if it has potential agricultural or greenhouse uses. The experiments are part of the ...

Can neuroscience explain why people love to torture? - Genetic Literacy Project

Genetic Literacy Project
As many neuroscientists have shown (see for example Shane O'Mara's “Torturing the brain – On the folk psychology and folk neurobiology motivating enhancedand coercive interrogation techniques”, 2009), torture is mostly counterproductive. Why then did ...

NONEMA Project

Kiel - Germany

Collaborative European research that aims to make plants resistant to parasitic nematodes. Contains background, members list, and general information about the pathogen with video clips.

ProWeb Project
United States

Summarizes features of protein families, documentation to capture biological richness through links to home pages of workers in the field from FHCRC, Seattle, WA.

United States

Knowledge base that combines data on the structure of the prokaryotic 30S ribosomal subunit that initiates the translation of mRNA into protein, its function and related links and references.

The BioSharp Project
United States

BioSharp is an open-source project to provide a framework for processing biological data using C# and other .net languages.

The ARB Project

A free sequence database application for Unix. It includes a sequence editor, several sequence aligners, phylogeny reconstruction tools, probe/primer search and generation, genome annotation and visualization. In addition to the integrated user-interface the ARB database can be accessed using Perl or C.

Biotech Project
United States

Designed to assist teachers in using biotechnology techniques in their classrooms, to address novel research questions and links to other courses run by the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Arizona .

The GenScope Project
United States

As a complement to text-based instruction students and teachers can manipulate the processes of inheritance on six different, but related, levels: DNA, chromosome, cell, organism, pedigree, and population.

NeuroLam Project

This lab is a part of the Dept. of Functional Biology and Health Sciences, University of Vigo, Spain. Studies organization and development of the lamprey brain and spinal cord.

Neodat Project
United States

Database of fish biodiversity in the Neotropics. Systematic and geographic data on freshwater fish specimens.

Project Interlock
New Zealand

Since 1977 this project, set up by Wade Doak in New Zealand, has been researching the capacities of cetaceans in the wild.

Project Elater
United States

Taxonomy and biodiversity of the Elateroidea (click beetles and relatives) in the families Elateridae, Throscidae, Eucnemidae, and Cerophytidae.