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BMC Ecology Highlights - BMC Blogs Network (blog)

BMC Blogs Network (blog)
BMC Ecology Highlights. As we progress further into 2018, BMC Ecology looks back on a successful year of publishing new and exciting research which includes mouse lemur survival in Madagascar and reptilian road-kill in Austria. We take a closer look at ...

Peru designates 2 million acres of rainforest as a national park - Mother Nature Network (blog)

Mother Nature Network (blog)
Peru has a new national park, and it's bigger than Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo and Mexico City combined. At a whopping 2,147,166 acres, the Yaguas National Park was established by the Peruvian government on Jan. 11 and ...

Sporting stars go for gold in state championships - Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph
TWENTY six young athletes have run, thrown and jumped their way to a place in the state championships. Randwick Botany Little Athletics club amassed 70 medals — 13 gold, 28 silver and 29 bronze at the Barden Ridge regional championships on February 3 ...

Northeast Regional Phenology Network (NE-RPN)

Denver, Colorado - United States

The Northeast Regional Phenology Network (NE-RPN) is a cooperative network designed to coordinate phenological monitoring, facilitate data sharing and synthesize phenology data from the northeastern US and eastern Canada. We encourage the partcipation of researchers and citizen scientists alike. NE-RPN is an affiliate of the USA National Phenology Network (USA-NPN).

National Phenology Network
United States

The USA-NPN's National Coordinating Office (NCO) guides the development of the Network, facilitates communication between scientists, land managers, policy-makers, and the public who are interested in assessing the effects of global change on natural ecological systems. Staff members work for the US Geological Survey, The University of Arizona and The Wildlife Society. Nature's Notebook gathers information on plant and animal phenology across

USA National Phenology Network
United States

The USA National Phenology Network serves science and society by promoting broad understanding of plant and animal phenology and its relationship with environmental change. The Network is a consortium of individuals and organizations that collect, share, and use phenology data, models, and related information.

United States

Contains descriptive information about the phenologies of plants, pests and beneficials, mostly focusing on those that are important in Californian agriculture.

Phenology Web Links
United States

Directory of information and websites providing floral calendars and sequence of bloom.

Northeast Mycological Federation, Inc
United States

In Vermont. registration, faculty and program information for the 1996 NEMF/NAMA Foray.

Northeast Animal Shelter
United States

No kill animal shelter matching people and animals.

Remote Sensing Phenology
United States

Remote Sensing Phenology uses satellites to track seasonal changes in vegetation on regional, continental, and global scales. Because the most frequently used satellite sensors for monitoring phenological events have relatively large "footprints" on the land surface, they gather data about entire ecosystems or regions rather than individual species. Remote sensing phenology can reveal broad-scale phenological trends that would be difficult, if no

Indigenous Plants & Native Uses in the Northeast
United States

Explains some of the practical uses of native plants growing in the New England area.

NorthEast Hawk Watch (NEHW)
United States

Promotes hawk watching, the study of hawk migration, throughout New England, eastern New York, and northeastern New Jersey.

Northeast Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative
United States

NEARMI aims to determine the proportion of surveyed areas that are occupied by various species of amphibians and to estimate amphibian population sizes and trends.