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High school at sea: Everett marine-biology school shines, but other districts aren't on board - The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times
Nadine Waggoner holds a sample collected from an outing to the Salish Sea last fall while fellow ORCA students Emily Conradt, Elizabeth Lee and Evan Radebaugh look on. (Steve Ringman/The Seattle Times). There's no school in Washington quite like ...

Two MSU students receive Truman Scholarships - The Bozeman Daily Chronicle

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
A double major in cell biology and neuroscience and liberal studies, Cox was admitted to the Honors College her freshman year. Her lively debate with Montana Gov. Steve Bullock during an honors leadership seminar led to a key role as a field organizer ...

The evolution of Steve Kerr - San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle
Three-plus years ago, when Steve Kerr was a rookie head coach, he pointed out a Stephen Curry mistake in front of his teammates during video review (good idea). Kerr also yelled at Klay Thompson during one game (bad idea). Mostly, though, Kerr spent ...

Nowicki, Steve

Durham - United States

Researcher at Duke University in North Carolina that studies the ecology and evolution of animal behavior, with an emphasis on birds.

United Kingdom

Collection of amateur entomology photographs.

Steve's Ant Farm
United States

Take a look at the Ant Farm Scrapbook and the Ant Movie - a time lapse tour de force that will make your skin crawl.

Corals of Oman by Steve Coles
United States

This is the complete illustrated version of a book about the coral reefs near to the country of Oman. It is written by Steve L. Coles and contains a forward by Rodney V. Salm. The book is provided as individual html pages.

Steve Nunn's Australian Tarantulas
United States

Information about Australian Theraphosidae, with ID keys, anatomy, classification history, species descriptions, and photos.

United States

Offers a proportioned -- 1 inch = about 2 million years -- evolutionary time line tracing life from first its very first forms to homo sapiens.

Steve's Australian Spider Pics
United States

Collection of Australian spider photos, including Golden Orbs and Redbacks.

Steve's Aussie Spider Pics
United States

Photo gallery of spiders found in the Alice Springs area, Australia.