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Increased expertise, more holistic overview of flora and fauna for NParks - The Straits Times

The Straits Times
SINGAPORE - The transfer of animal-related functions from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to the National Parks Board (NParks) aims to create a more holistic understanding of flora and fauna and better manage human-animal ...

Biodiversity: Why the extinction crisis isn't as bad as you thought - New Scientist

New Scientist
You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard about the biodiversity crisis. Since about 1500, expanding human activity has condemned vast numbers of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles to an early grave. Now worries have spread to ...

Sensory Refinement - Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School
“Impairments in the process of sensory experience-dependent synaptic refinement are thought to contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders,” said study author Lucas Cheadle, HMS research fellow in neurobiology in the lab of Michael Greenberg, the ...

NPR: Animal Thought and Communication

Chesterfield - United States

Ira Flatow and guests look at thought and communication in apes, gorillas and monkeys [Real Audio broadcast].

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    Zoology - Animal Behavior

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    Animal Thought and Communication : NPR
    How do animals think and communicate with each other? And what can studying animals tell us about the evolution of language in humans? In this hour, NPR's Ira Flatow and guests look at thought and communication in apes, gorillas and monkeys. What can non-human primates tell us about communication in humans? Guests: Marc Hauser *Professor of psychology at Harvard University *Director, Mind Brain and Behavior Program *Author of Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think Barbara King *Professor of anthropology, college of Willam and Mary Dorothy Cheney *Professor of biology, University of Pennsylvania

Animal Communication Project
United States

Dedicated to the science of communication between animals. Covers many branches of the animal kingdom with links to both past and present research projects.

Scientific American: Food for Thought
United States

Article, by William R. Leonard, arguing that dietary change was a driving force in human evolution.

Microbiology Graduates: Outline Your Thought In Open Platform
United States

Graduatecentral is an open stage for the graduates to make their concept visible all over the world; Graduates will get a platform to share their concepts and opinions openly and widely through this online forum. Open access system in the recent times successfully expedited the publication process. Open access journal providing support in free and global accessibility to the scientific information. Graduatecentral offers open peer review system t

Baboon Communication
United States

Article by Beth Bazar examining how baboons have voice and communication skills but not the "theory of mind" to understand how their communications will affect others.

NPR: The Cicadas Are Coming
United States

April 2004 feature on the emergence of cicadas in the eastern United States. Offers a selection of cicada recipes, including soft-shelled cicadas, tacos, and cicada rhubarb pie.

NPR: Roar of the Cicada
United States

May 2004 feature on the emergence of cicadas in the eastern United States. Includes audiio clips of cicada calls.

Bird and Mammal Communication Group
United Kingdom

Two research groups at the School of Biology, St. Andrews University, whose interests cover acoustic communication in birds and mammals. Information about their studies, staff, and publications.

Dolphin Communication Project (DCP)
United States

DCP is a private, non-profit research foundation organized to promote awareness of marine mammal conservation and to increase knowledge of communication behaviors between and among all dolphin species.

Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute (CHCI)
United States

Sanctuary for five adult chimpanzees who communicate with humans and each other using American Sign Language.

NPR: Chang Tang's Endangered Antelope
United States

Radio program about an expedition to Chiru birthing grounds in Tibet. Includes video and audio footage.