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Microplastic Pollution has Physiological and Genetic Repercussions ... - Technology Networks

Technology Networks
Technology Networks is an internationally recognised publisher that provides access to the latest scientific news, products, research, videos and posters.

The first map of ocean wilderness shows 'nowhere is safe' - Washington Post

Washington Post
The exhaustive analysis of human impacts in all global marine ecosystems, published Thursday in Current Biology, categorized and mapped all the ways humans have changed the ocean, such as fishing, shipping and pollution. The study scored each ...
BBC News
EurekAlert (press release)

Ecology Ministry More Than Doubles Number of Cities in Air Quality Ranking - Caixin Global

Caixin Global
China's environmental watchdog has more than doubled the number of cities in its monthly air quality ranking in a bid to pressure authorities to clean up pollution in their respective areas. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment said Monday that it ...

Xiongan launches plan to restore Baiyangdian wetland ecology - ecns

Xiongan New Area launched a campaign to curb pollution and improve the ecology of the Baiyangdian wetland, taking a series of measures such as closing high-polluted plants and installing sewage treatment facilities, according to an action plan released ...

Solar plant at Mirzapur railway station will strengthen green ecology: Anupriya Patel - United News of India

United News of India
Mirzapur, Jul 21 (UNI) Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Anupriya Patel on Saturday said solar plant establishment at Mirzapur railway station will encourage green ecology and curb air pollution. Addressing the gathering after ...

Rock and Roll Actually Is Noise Pollution – to Ladybugs – According to New Biology Study - Loudwire

“I was listening to AC/DC, and I heard the song, and I thought to myself 'Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution,' that's a testable hypothesis,” Department of Biology assistant professor Brandon Barton tells the Starkville Daily News. “The alternative ...

A Reed College Biology Student Discovered Plastic-Eating Bacteria After Smuggling Bags of Dirt Through the Houston ... - Willamette Week

Willamette Week
The Reed College senior had flown to Texas to collect samples for her biology thesis project. Her theory was that, in areas with high rates of pollution, microbes would have evolved to eat certain types of plastic. Oregon's soil is too clean to ...

Nutrient Pollution


LimCo International GmbH is your partner in assessing, evaluating and monitoring aquatic ecosystems according to the European Waterframework Directive based ...

Coastal Bioanalysts, Inc.
United States

Employs aquatic toxicology methods to assess pollution control measures and product safety. Description of services.

Waltraud's Carnivorous Plants Homepage

nutrient acquisition by different species of carnivorous plants.

Nature Conservation and Plant Ecology Group

The Nature Conservation and Plant Ecology Group (NCP) performs research and education in the fields of nature conservation, systems ecology ...

Red Tides in Western Gulf of Maine
United States

Describes U.S. Geological Survey studies on sources, transport, and nutrient environment for these phytoplankton blooms, which can be harmful.

United States

Organization concerned with the conservation of the ocean ecosystem including mounting campaigns on pollution, over exploitation, coastal development, climate change ...

Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology

Researching nutrient-induced signal transduction in yeast and its role in the control of metabolism, stress resistance and growth, at Katholieke ...

Prakash, Raghu
United States

Marine biologist with the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, India. Offers publications and data about marine life and pollution.

IFE: Radioecology

Article from the Institute for Energy Technology on this branch of science which forms the basis for estimating doses and ...

Stoat: Mustela erminea
United Kingdom

Factsheet on this species, its habits and its interactions with man.

Polecat: Mustela putorius
United Kingdom

Factsheet on this species, its habits and its interactions with man.

Weasel: Mustela nivalis
United Kingdom

Factsheet on this species, its habits and its interactions with man.

R6 Lichens HomePage
United States

Project background for the Air Quality Biomonitoring Program utilizing lichens and mosses in the National Forests of Northwest Oregon and ...

Pine Marten
United Kingdom

Factsheet on Martes martes, its habits and the protection it needs.

United States

Global agri-technology company with a focus on improving fertilizer efficiency and delivering higher crop yields, primarily through the use of ...

Vervet Monkey
United Kingdom

Factsheet on Cercopithecus pygerythrus, with a photograph and information on its habits and interactions with man.

United States

European collaborative project on the health effects of particles from motor engine exhaust and ambient air pollution. Survey and screening ...

United Kingdom

Factsheet on the wild cat, Felis sylvestris, its habits and its interactions with man.

Whales Online

Reference and news site about all whale species.

Forest Ecosystems and Ecological Risks

An LTER site working to improve the understanding of forest ecosystem processes through the long-term study of selected forest plots ...

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