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Global Ulcerative Colitis Immunology Drugs Market Overview 2018-Celltrion Healthcare,Biogen,Genentech USA,Inc ... -
The report on the “Ulcerative Colitis Immunology Drugs market“offers elaborated knowledge on the Ulcerative Colitis Immunology Drugs market. parts like dominating firms, classification, size, business atmosphere, SWOT analysis, and most effectual ...

Global Infectious Immunology Market 2018: Production, Sales, Supply, Demand, Analysis & Forecast To 2023 - Healthcare Sector

Healthcare Sector
Infectious Immunology Market report is to help the user understand the market in terms of its classification, segmentation, market potential, influential trends, and the challenges that the industry is facing. Deep researches and analysis were done ...

The anatomy of a taxonomy - Environmental Finance

Environmental Finance
The European Commission has a highly ambitious target – to develop a taxonomy to define what is green and act as a compass for sustainable finance. But there's a long and rocky road ahead for this controversial initiative, find Nick Roumpis and Peter ...

Nuts and Bolts of Taxonomy and Classification

Oxford - United States

Exercise illustrating the creativity involved in taxonomy and the roles form and function, ancestral traits, and derived characters play in generating classification schemes.

Nuts for Mutts
United States

Animal Planet dog show dedicated to the best of the mixed breeds.

Barbados Nuts
United States

Information from Henriette's Herbal on the seeds of Jatropha curcas and their uses.

United States

Photographs and information on the Brazil Nut tree, Bertholletia excelsa, the Paradise Nut tree, Lecythis ollaria, and the Canonball Tree, Couroupita guianensis.

Phyllostomidae: Classification
United States

List of the genera and species of the New World leaf-nosed bats with photographs of many species, including skulls.

Classification of Veroniceae

Taxonomy and images of Veronica and related genera by Dirk Albach and Montserrat Mart+?nez-Ortega.

Classification of Psilotophyta

Main entry in Systema Naturae 2000.

Bryophyte Classification
United States

Provides diagrams showing the relationships between the major lineages of green algae and land plants.

Structural Classification of RNA
United States

SCOR database aiming to classify three-dimensional structural motifs and elements, from NMR and X-ray data, according to tertiary interactions and function. Maintained at Berkley, CA.

Structural Classification of Proteins
United Kingdom

A key for different proteins based on structural features, with keyword search and PDB data, and an entry viewer for download.

Classification of the Extant Echinodermata
United States

Describes the taxonomic groupings and provides links to images of some taxa.