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The first map of ocean wilderness shows 'nowhere is safe' - Washington Post

Washington Post
The exhaustive analysis of human impacts in all global marine ecosystems, published Thursday in Current Biology, categorized and mapped all the ways humans have changed the ocean, such as fishing, shipping and pollution. The study scored each ...
BBC News
EurekAlert (press release)

Learn about marine ecology - Berea Mail

Berea Mail
IF you want to know more about what goes on within our oceans, then sign up for the Marine Ecology Course – Understanding the Ocean Environment, at uShaka Marine World. This five-part evening course, begins on Thursday, 16 August and runs until ...

Gotta Sample 'Em All! Underwater Pokéball Captures Ocean Life - Technology Networks

Technology Networks
“Our group's collaboration with the marine biology community has opened the door for the fields of soft robotics and origami-inspired engineering to apply those technologies to solve problems in an entirely different discipline, and we are excited to ...

Ocean Online Casino: The Anatomy Of A $10000 New Player Deposit Bonus - NJ Online Gambling

NJ Online Gambling
When Ocean online casino launched last week, the value hunter in us was admittedly curious. It wasn't the games, the tie-ins to the newly-minted Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City, or the promise of a VIP program that piqued our interest — they were ...

Marine Biologists Discover New Shark Species: Genie's Dogfish -
A team of marine biologists has discovered a new species of deep-water dogfish shark in the Gulf of Mexico and western Atlantic Ocean, and named it after Eugenie Clark, a pioneer in shark biology, known around the world for her illuminating research on ...
Florida Trend

Pigments from microbes provide clue to evolution in ancient oceans – but weren't pink a billion years ago - The Conversation US

The Conversation US
Possibly the most significant event in the evolution of life on Earth occurred 2.4 billion years ago. That was when the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere and ocean surface waters rapidly increased – setting the stage for a new phase of life on our planet.

This Big-Eyed, Deep-Sea Shark Looks Like an Anime Character - Live Science

Live Science
The newly identified species, Squalus clarkae, or Genie's dogfish, is named after the marine biology pioneer Eugenie Clark. It slinks around in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the western Atlantic Ocean. The sharks' monster peepers may look ...


Monsters of the Deep
United States

Introduction to the creatures that dwell in the deep ocean. Learn about their strange adaptations to the dark and cold.

NOAA Ocean Explorer: Operation Deep Scope 2004
United States

Exploring the deep in new ways in order to discover deep-sea creatures and learn more about how they have adapted ...

Indian Ocean Benthic Algae
United States

On-line version of the Catalogue of Benthic Marine Algae of the Indian ocean, with indexes, geographical lists, bibliographies, and search ...

Ocean Alliance

Dedicated to the conservation of whales and their ocean environment through research and education.

TappedInto Blue Voice
United States

Engaged in preserving the ocean environment and creatures. Features video on dolphins, ocean trawling, and the short film "Island at ...

Secrets of the Ocean Realm
United States

Companion site to the PBS series which explores the fascinating mysteries of the ocean depths and reveals never-before-seen behaviors of ...

Ocean Mammal Institute (OMI)
United States

Conducts research on the human impact on whales and dolphins.

Red Tides and Dead Zones
United States

Article from WHOI's Coastal ocean Institute about how the most widespread, chronic environmental problem in the coastal ocean is caused ...
United States

Evolving online tribute to ocean life with information about new species, ocean conservation, dynamic research, and marine life news.
United Kingdom

Learn about the ancient, cold-water coral ecosystems of the deep ocean. View images, movies, case studies, and an interactive dive.

NOAA Ocean Explorer: Life on the Edge 2003
United States

Exploring the unique and productive deep-water habitats located off the Carolinas. Includes a log of the expedition, as well as ...

OceanLink - All About The Ocean

Throughout these pages, you will find all kinds of interesting information about things like the effects of climate change, marine ...

NOAA's National Ocean Service: Harmful Algal Blooms
United States

Learn about harmful algal blooms (HABs), red tides that occur when algae produce toxic or harmful effects on people, fish, ...

Ocean Sunfish, Mola mola
United States

Description and photographs of a fish examined by the staff of the Australian Museum.

Tracking Ocean Sunfish off Southern California
United States

Project studying fine-scale movement patterns using acoustic telemetry. Includes images.

Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
United States

Their mission is to achieve the conservation and responsible management of coastal and ocean ecosystems. The Division provides technical, programmatic ...

United States

One-of-a-kind journey into the incredible ocean environment and America's first "diver's-eye" view aquarium.

United States

Dedicated exclusively to conserving ocean fish, preventing overfishing, reducing bycatch, and protecting habitat.

The Dolphin Place
United States

Includes great graphics and a very extensive section of the most frequently asked questions about dolphins.

Nature: Dive To The Abyss
United States

Explores the ocean deep in Monterey Bay Canyon off the California coast; the Cayman Wall at Grand Cayman in the ...

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