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Learn about marine ecology - Berea Mail

Berea Mail
IF you want to know more about what goes on within our oceans, then sign up for the Marine Ecology Course – Understanding the Ocean Environment, at uShaka Marine World. This five-part evening course, begins on Thursday, 16 August and runs until ...

St. Paul senior plans to be marine biologist - Norwalk Reflector

Norwalk Reflector
“I chose this as my senior project because I want to be a marine biologist. Billions of pieces of plastic are polluting our oceans and killing the coral reefs,” she said. Cervantes is learning how to fragment existing coral to propagate new colonies ...

Pigments from microbes provide clue to evolution in ancient oceans – but weren't pink a billion years ago - The Conversation US

The Conversation US
Possibly the most significant event in the evolution of life on Earth occurred 2.4 billion years ago. That was when the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere and ocean surface waters rapidly increased – setting the stage for a new phase of life on our planet.

Evolution of Earth's First Animals 500 Million Years Ago Caused Global Warming - Newsweek

Around 540 to 520 million years ago, what many scientists consider to be the first true animals began to emerge in Earth's oceans. This took place during a rapid increase in biodiversity referred to as the Cambrian Explosion. Among those to evolve were ...
Daily Mail
EurekAlert (press release)

Fisheries management and safeguarding biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction - Devdiscourse

Common oceans are marine Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ) that are not governed by any single nation. Instead, all nations are jointly responsible for sustainably managing those areas.


Oceans Alive
United States

Celebrates marine biodiversity and explores ways to help save our oceans.

Ocean Futures Online
United States

Explore this site to learn about Keiko, the star of Free Willy, and more about our oceans, threats to the ...

BBC Oceans Series
United Kingdom

Video clips, images and stories from the UK BBC TV series that explores the world's ocean ecosystems.

Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds
United States

Protecting coastal watersheds and marine resources.

The Oceania Project - Caring for Whales, Dolphins and the Oceans

This non-profit research and information organization is dedicated to raising awareness of Cetacea and the ocean environment. Research includes photo ...

Marine Conservation Institute
United States

"Saving wild ocean places, for us and future generations." Marine Conservation Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving our ...

Scott Aquarium
United States

Walk on the bottom of the ocean and come nose to nose with sea turtles as sharks circle above you ...


Contains information, photomicrographs, and links about the animal which makes up the largest biomass in the oceans.
United Kingdom

Online database containing information about radiolarians, holoplanktonic protozoa widely distributed in the oceans.

Oceanic Applied Sciences and Environmental Solutions, Inc. (OASES)
United States

Nonprofit corporation dedicated to scientific research and education on oceans and their environment.

International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP)
United States

Works to make oceans safe for marine mammals worldwide.

The Oklahoma Aquarium
United States

Located in Jenks on the Arkansas river. Offers over 200 marine and aquatic animal exhibits, plus a fishing tackle museum.

Wild Whales
United States

Home of the B.C. Cetacean Sightings Network, a collaborative effort by the Aquarium and Fisheries and oceans, Canada, to increase ...

Canada's Aquatic Environments

Featuring the habitats, animals, and plants of Canada's oceans, rivers, lakes, and wetlands. University of Guelph.

Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara
United States

The research activity of MSI spans a broad reach that ranges from global to local studies of important processes in ...


Scientific environmental company for aquatic ecology offers biological, chemical and physical analyses in the aquatic environment, i.e. oceans, estuaries and ...


An international journal on life in oceans and coastal waters. Print and online versions.

What are Foraminifera?
United States

Forams as they are usually known, are abundant in all the oceans. Information on their biology, what they eat, what ...

Two Oceans Aquarium
United Kingdom

Cape Town, South Africa. One of the city's attractions with underwater passages and the opportunity of shark cage diving or ...

Extant Planktic Foraminifera and the Physical Environment in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans
United States

An atlas based on CLIMAP and Levitus data.

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