Odonthalia dentata

London - United Kingdom

Photograph and basic information on this species.

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    Protista - Protista

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Hibbertia dentata
United States

General information and classification.

Calamintha dentata
United States

Photograph of toothed savory or Florida calamint, information and distribution in Florida.

Comocladia dentata
United Kingdom

Description of this bush or small tree, with photographs of leaves and bark.

Castanea dentata Fact Sheet
United States

Identification information and images from Virginia Tech Dendrology.

Castanea dentata: The American Chestnut
United States

Research project by Stephanie Dorman at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse.

Euphorbia dentata: Wild Poinsettia or Toothed Spurge
United States

Photographs of varying stages in the growth of this annual plant with its description and identifying characteristics.