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Swimmers warned after sewage released into Botany Bay - ABC Online

ABC Online
Sydney Water is strongly advising people not to enter waters at Botany Bay or surrounding areas after a power outage in Sydney's south resulted in sewage flowing into the bay. The outage happened at about 11:00am and affected a waste water treatment ...
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Marine Biologists Find Rare Nautilus For The First Time In 30 Years - Smithsonian

But ever since, the animal has eluded searchers and many marine biologists feared that it had gone extinct. Ward returned to where he and Saunders first found the mollusc to see if any had survived being hunted for their shells and ongoing ...
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Five million litres of sewage leaked into Botany Bay - Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald
Five million litres of sewage leaked into Botany Bay after a power outage on Friday, Sydney Water has revealed. The leak occurred when a high-voltage powerline malfunctioned, causing Cronulla's waste-water pumping station to lose power and discharge ...
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Online Muscle Atlas

Seattle - United States

Featuring the major muscle groups of the upper and lower extremities.

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    Anatomy - Muscular System

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    Muscle Atlas — Musculoskeletal Radiology — UW Radiology
    An illustrated atlas of the muscles of the upper and lower extremities.

Atlas Moth: Atlas attacus

Fact sheet with description, breeding, distribution, role in the habitat, status in Singapore, threats, photos and links.

Wikipedia: Muscle
United States

Hyperlinked overview of the contractile form of tissue with information on types, diseases, control, and online resources.

United Kingdom

List of scientific publications submitted to this organization which is based at the Gatty Marine Laboratory in Scotland.

UC San Diego: Muscle Physiology
United States

Introduces muscle physiology and design.

New Health Guide - Muscle System
United States

Everything that is conceived by our brain finds its expression in the muscular system. You can express an idea by the help of muscles of larynx, tongue and mouth (act of speaking), the muscles of fingers (act of writing) or by the skeletal muscles (act of dancing, running, etc.) Body muscles help an individual to stand erect, walk, move, bend and pick up objects. They help in breathing, blood circulation and functioning of other internal organ


Excitation and contraction of muscle, analysis of the processes involved, and the processes underlying cell contractility and motility.

Muscle Physiology: University of California, San Diego
United States

Describes research at the National Skeletal Muscle Research Center with a general overview and information on lab personnel and current projects.

Hosford Muscle Tables: Skeletal Muscles of the Human Body
United States

Details each muscle's origin, insertion, action, blood supply, and innervation.

ATLAS Biolabs

Offers molecular genomic analyses for use in biomedical research through Affymetrix, Agilent and Illumina microarrays. Based in Berlin and Cologne, Germany.

The Whole Brain Atlas
United States

MRI views of the normal and diseased human brain. Collaboration of MIT and Harvard University.