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Exercise regimens can and should be quantified - Arkansas Online

Arkansas Online
While you won't find this equation in many exercise physiology textbooks, it does provide a good sense of the total amount of work performed in a given strength-training session. Measuring cardiovascular exercise is easy enough, as one can choose to ...

UGA researcher uses cellular biology to target lethal parasites - Online Athens

Online Athens
“In some areas, you have 50 to 60 percent of people who are infected with Chagas disease,” said Docampo, the Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Cellular Biology. This obscenely high disease burden strains developing nations' resources by ...

Sinclair Research Appoints Scott Boley as Vice President of Toxicology - Daily American Online

Daily American Online
BUSINESS WIRE)--Jul 25, 2018--Sinclair Research, one of the nation's leading providers of nonclinical services, has named Scott E. Boley, PhD, DABT, as vice president of toxicology. In this newly created role, he will have overall responsibility for ...

Toxicology and CLP/GHS for Mixtures - Chemical Watch

Chemical Watch
This 90-minute course, delivered online by expert toxicology trainer Laura Robinson, offers a unique opportunity to ground yourself in toxicological terms and concepts - an increasingly valuable knowledge asset to have in working in the global ...

Mini museum offers look into marine biology - News 12 Brooklyn - News 12 Brooklyn

News 12 Brooklyn
A miniature museum inside of a New York City hospital is capturing the minds of many who would not expect it to be there.

Duterte to agencies: Preserve biodiversity - Business Mirror

Business Mirror
“I exhort all concerned agencies and local government units to uphold the concept of inter-generational responsibility in [the exploration] and utilization of our mineral wealth, the protection and preservation of our biodiversity, anchored on the ...
Borneo Bulletin Online

Discovery could lead to drugs for traumatic brain injury - Futurity: Research News

Futurity: Research News
Scientists have identified two molecules that protect nerve cells after a traumatic brain injury and could lead to new drug treatments. The molecules promote full recovery after traumatic brain injury in mice, according to the new study in Neurobiology ...
Science Daily
Anti Aging News

Online News

Trust hopes for owling success - BBC News
United Kingdom

Landowners in Gloucestershire learn how to attract barn owls onto their property.

BBC News: What did the Nobel Winners do?
United Kingdom

Explains the research that Brenner, Sulston, and Horvitz each performed that improved our understanding of the life of the human ...

Biology News
United States

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BBC News: British Science Mourns Research Great
United Kingdom

Review of Milstein's life and his collaboration with Georges Kohler in understanding the human immune system.

BBC News: Timmy the Tortoise Dies Aged 160
United Kingdom

April 2004 obituary for the Mediterranean Spur Thighed Tortoise who was a ship's mascot during the Crimean War.

BBC News: UK's First Hybrid Embryos Created
United Kingdom

Report on survival of embryos in which human DNA has replaced native genetic material in bovine ova, at Newcastle University.

'Hobbit' Joins Human Family Tree
United Kingdom

BBC news reports that the discovery of remains belonging to a tiny species of ancient human has been hailed as ...

Barn Owls Are Back
United Kingdom

news story describes how nesting boxes installed on river banks halt the decline of native British owls.

UK Scientists Clone Human Embryo
United Kingdom

Report on research involving introduction of DNA from embryonic stem cells, surviving in egg genome from 11 women, for three ...

Would Freezing Ted Williams Work?
United States

From, an article on the cryonic suspension of Ted Williams by the Alcor Foundation and asking if the technology ...

Snow Leopard Diary
United Kingdom

BBC news follows the progress of the research project underway to learn more about the elusive snow leopard movements through ...

Burma Rediscovers Vanished Bird
United Kingdom

BBC news item reporting that one of the world's rarest birds, Gurney's Pitta, has been sighted again in Burma almost ...

Super Squid Surfaces in Antarctic - BBC
United Kingdom

Description, pictures, and a length comparison of the first example of Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni retrieved virtually intact from the surface of ...

BBC News: Burundi's Not So Gentle Giant
United Kingdom

Photo and article about Gustave, the giant crocodile in Burundi, Africa who is possibly the world's largest fresh water crocs.

Potter Sparks Pet Owl Demand
United Kingdom

Following a surge in inquiries, the RSPCA urges parents not to buy owls as pets for their children following the ...

United Kingdom

Special report about 50 years of scientific work on DNA and the human genome project.

BBC: Tanzania, Ethiopia Origin for Humans
United Kingdom

Genetic studies have helped scientists identify the region of East Africa from where it is believed modern humans came.

Cloning Humans: Can It Really Be Done?
United Kingdom

Dr. David Whitehouse answers some questions about cloning and whether the technology can be made to work in humans.

BBC News: Charles Dawson: 'The Piltdown Faker'
United Kingdom

2003 article commemorating the 50th anniversary of the unmasking of the Piltdown Man hoax. Archaeologist Dr. Miles Russell explains why ...

Rare Snowy Owls to Return to Arctic - BBC NEWS
United Kingdom

Seven snowy owls are set to return home to the Arctic after being rescued in the middle of the Atlantic.

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