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DSLCC Hosts 34th Field Ecology Governor's School - Roanoke Times

Roanoke Times
For the thirty-fourth year, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College in Clifton Forge hosted the Field Ecology Summer Regional Governor's School from June 11 to July 6. Twenty-three students from six middle and high schools in the DSLCC service area ...

Cell Studio: Serious games for immunology - Phys.Org

The novel platform, known as Cell Studio, can simulate an organic microenvironment with biological and biophysical rules at the cellular level. Several biological scenarios can be simulated, including a 2-D or 3-D spatial patch of tissue or cell ...

Origin of the species: where did Darwin's finches come from? - The Guardian

The Guardian
Biogeography and evolution of the Galápagos: Integration of the biological and geological evidence. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. Sato, A, et al., 2001. On the origin of Darwin's finches. Molecular Biology and Evolution. Steadman, DW, 1982.

Organization of Biological Field Stations

Albuquerque - United States

Includes more than 200 field stations and professionals concerned with field facilities for biological research and education, primarily in North America and Central America. Provides information about the LTER network, links member stations

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    What Are Field Stations? | Organization of Biological Field Stations

Tropical Field Stations in Belize
United States

Learn about Belize's coral reef, mangroves, geology, ornithology, mammology, entomology, botany, river ecology, barrier beaches. Field study options for individuals or groups.

Dragonflies of the Family Aeshnidae in British Columbia: Biological Notes and Field Key

Profiles the 14 species of the family Aeshnidae, the Darners, that are found in British Columbia. [PDF]

Beta Amyloid Organization
United States

Provides current research news and research publications on beta amyloid for the use of Alzheimer researchers.

Marine Research Organization
United States

Includes information on a Danish research project about whitebeaked dolphins in the North Sea.

Biotechnology Industry Organization
United States

Represents biotechnology companies, academic institutions and state biotechnology centers.

Gopher Tortoise Organization
United States

Conservation and management of the Gopher Tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus) and their habitat.

Organization for Bat Conservation
United States

Dedicated to protecting all bats through education, conservation, rescue, and ecological research. Find resources for kids, teachers, and activists, or learn about about bat houses, rabies issues, or how to adopt a bat.

International Organization for Plant Information

Manages a series of cooperative international projects that aim to create plant taxonomic information databases; also includes useful general botanical links - commissioned by the International Union of Biological Sciences.

Organization of Teratology Information Services

OTIS provides fact sheets on a number of different hazards, and links to medical providers in the U.S. and Canada who provide free counseling for prospective parents and medical providers.


ZPO operates Dusit Zoo, Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Chiang Mai Zoo, Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo and Songkhla. Visitor information and maps of the zoos, animal photos and descriptions, educational program summary, news and events, and conservation information.