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Origin of the species: where did Darwin's finches come from? - The Guardian

The Guardian
Biogeography and evolution of the Galápagos: Integration of the biological and geological evidence. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. Sato, A, et al., 2001. On the origin of Darwin's finches. Molecular Biology and Evolution. Steadman, DW, 1982.

Fires spark biodiversity criticism of Sweden's forest industry - Phys.Org

Non-governmental organisations warn that there are considerable challenges to ensuring biodiversity for plants and animals amid the fight against global warming. One in 10 species in the country's forests is on the red list of the Swedish Species ...

Hundreds of species unlikely to survive biodiversity collapse - scientists - Newshub

A devastating collapse in global biodiversity is imminent, scientists say, warning hundreds of species may not survive. An international team have published a major study in the journal Nature, saying we must make urgent changes to our approach to ...

Origin of the Species

High Wycombe - United Kingdom

Despite being published before the discovery of DNA, Darwin's 1859 classic remains a robust description of evolution by natural selection.

United States

E-text at Project Gutenberg.

The Origin of Species
United States

Complete first edition of Charles Darwin's famous book, available online.

The Upright Ape: A New Origin of the Species
United States

Information on a book by Aaron G. Filler MD, PhD that presents a new theory on the early origins of the hominiform primates.

The Origin of Species - Charles Darwin
United States

A review and a link to other reviews of 'The Origin of Species' by Charles Darwin.

The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
United States

Complete chapter-indexed hypertext and e-text from Literature Project. Sixth London edition with all additions and corrections.

The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
United States

A searchable online version of The Origin of Species.

United States

Find the famous treatise on the origin of man and the theory of evolution.

United States

Links to reports, articles, and books dedication to the subject of speciation.

Origin of Eukaryotes
United States

Looks at what steps would have led from prokaryotes to eukaryotes.

Human Origin Program
United States

Smithsonian Institution's journey through five million years of human evolution.