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SANParks executive appointed to UN body on biodiversity, ecosystems - Citizen

“The recently approved reports of regional assessments for Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific and Asia and Central Europe as well as land degradation add an important regional dimension to other aspects of biodiversity and ecosystem services. I am proud to ...

OYC Americas

Vista, CA - United States

OYC Americas is committed to supporting human healthcare innovation within the clinical diagnostic, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, and functional food industries through the marketing of yeast fermentation and distribution of its by-products. Our goal is to provide value to research & development, manufacturing, and marketing by supplying unique raw materials, food ingredients, and ingredient technologies developed by our parent company, Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd. of Japan and their associated partnerships. We strive to meet the regulatory demands of the human health and nutrition industry with products developed through scientific research and clinical support. Our business partnerships are earned and maintained through our long-term commitment to quality, service, and dedication to the science of human health.

OYC International, Inc.
United States

Manufacturer of enzymes, coenzymes, antibodies, and recombinant proteins as nutriceuticals and OEM reagents. Lists biochemicals, ordering details and contacts in Andover, Massachusetts.

Anaerobe Society of the Americas
United States

International organization promoting the study of anaerobic bacteria. Holds a biennial conference and publishes the journal, Anaerobe.

Bamboo of the Americas (BOTA)
United States

Long-term program designed to preserve the native bamboos found throughout the Americas.

Africanized Bees in the Americas
United States

With maps of current distribution in the Americas, plus links and general information.

Horse of the Americas (HOA)
United States

Unified registry celebrating America's first true horse, the Colonial Spanish Horse. The registry is open to Indian Horses, Barbs, Spanish Barbs, and Spanish Mustangs. Features a newsletter, forums and message boards, and a stallion directory.

Golondrinas de las Americas
United States

Network of biologists dedicated to studying Tree Swallows and their tropical nearest relatives (genus Tachycineta) from Alaska to Argentina.

Anaerobe Society of the Americas, Inc
United States
Rabies in the Americas 1980-1997

Statistics for human and animal cases.