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St. Paul senior plans to be marine biologist - Norwalk Reflector

Norwalk Reflector
“I chose this as my senior project because I want to be a marine biologist. Billions of pieces of plastic are polluting our oceans and killing the coral reefs,” she said. Cervantes is learning how to fragment existing coral to propagate new colonies ...

Deep sea, aquatic life hold secrets that need to be told - Times of India

Times of India
Pune: Think marine biology and it brings to mind a life spent on the beach, researching coral reefs and deep-sea diving. But marine biologist Sachin Vaishampayan says the reality of a marine researcher is vast. “ There's so much more to marine biology.

Oyster Reefs

Williamsburg - United States

News and information about oysters in the Chesapeake Bay region.

American Oyster
United States

Information on this shellfish, Crassostrea virginica, its habitat, life cycle and the threats it faces.

United States

Photographs and information on this voracious predator of oysters, other bivalves, gastropods and crabs.

American Oyster: Crassostrea virginica
United Kingdom

Information on this species, its description and identifying features, and its biology.

Pleurotus ostreatus: Oyster Mushroom

Photograph and information on this species, the fruitbody of which can produce a hundred million spores an hour.

United States

Information from the Invertebrate Anatomy OnLine about this mollusc, its systematics, natural history, external anatomy, internal anatomy and behavior.

Coral Reefs
United States

Journal of the International Society for Reef Studies. Presents multidisciplinary literature across the broad fields of reef studies, publishing analytical and theoretical papers on both modern and ancient reefs. Site contains pdf documents of all published articles.

United States

Headquarters for the NR-1 submarine's research cruise of coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico.
United States

Provides information about the #reefs chat channel, which hosts guest speaker meetings. Also offers a virtual library of articles and papers.

United States

Plain text file at Project Gutenberg.


Journal of the International Society for Reef Studies. Print and online versions.