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Group promotes animal-assisted therapy - MSU State News

MSU State News
Sabrina Salome, the club's secretary and zoology senior, feels strongly that the benefit of animal therapy is unmatched by traditional medication. Though the cost of attaining and caring for a service animal can be higher than the cost of medication ...

NORCO: Meeting focuses on Santa Ana River habitat - Press-Enterprise

Among the issues to be discussed are equestrian trails along the Santa Ana River, environmental impacts, benefits to flora and fauna, public access during restoration activities, safety and work schedules. The Corps will also report on restoration ...

Opinion Shaper: College is already free if you've got some initiative - Daily Herald

Daily Herald
There are millions of people taking MOOC courses ranging from algebra to zoology and everything in between. MOOCs also offer a long-overdue twist: They utilize professors who are known for their teaching styles and not just for their fame in research.

P.A.W.S.: People For Animal Welfare and Safety

Thunder Bay - Canada

A volunteer organization providing interim care to animals in need until a new permanent home is found.

SC p.a.w. (people for animal welfare)

University of Southern California-based animal rescue group which places dogs and cats in loving, adoptive homes.

United States

All-volunteer, non-violent activist and educational group dedicated to promoting the guiding principle that all life on this planet is sacred and interconnected.

Federal Association Against Vivisection - People for Animal Rights

An association of more than 100 regional and nation-wide organizations in Germany, working for the recognition of fundamental rights for animals.

Animal Welfare League

Nonprofit organisation helping to reunite lost pets with their owners and find homes for abandoned animals.

Animal Welfare Institute
United States

Nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to reducing cruelty towards animals.

United States

No-kill animal shelter featuring dogs and cats available for adoption in the Greater Cincinnati area.

United States

News and information about the use of animals in research, animal testing, genetic engineering, and other ethical issues.

International Fund for Animal Welfare
United States

Engaging communities, government leaders, and like-minded organizations around the world to achieve lasting solutions to pressing animal welfare and conservation challenges.

National Animal Welfare Trust
United Kingdom

Providing active care for animals in the community, through rescue centers and sponsorship programs.

United States

Through active service and community education, ensure humane treatment of animals by promoting a community in which animals are valued, cared for, and sheltered.