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Creativity and the Brain: What We Still Don't Know - Pacific Standard

Pacific Standard
It is time for a large-scale, multidisciplinary study into the nature of creativity—one that would integrate the insights of neurobiologists, psychologists, artists, and educators. That's the conclusion of a just-issued report from the National ...

Botany: A peek inside Peninsula plants - Outdoors - Chinook Observer - Chinook Observer

Chinook Observer
PENINSULA — The ferns, grasses, bushes, vines and trees of south Pacific County have reached quick maturity in these warm, dry days of summer. Pacific County, usually riotously green, joined the majority of the state in being officially classified as ...

UK Gluck Center to Host Immunology Symposium in November | -
The University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center will host a one-day symposium titled the “Role of Immunology in Equine Health” on Saturday, Nov. 21 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Embassy Suites in Lexington. This symposium will focus on the ...

Pacific Shark Research Center (PSRC)

Moss Landing - United States

Conducts both basic and applied scientific research on the biology of Pacific Ocean chondrichthyans and serves as the west coast branch of the National Shark Research Consortium.

University of Hawaii - Pacific Biomedical Research Center
United States

PBRC is the third largest research institute at the University of Hawaii. Offers mission statement, faculty research interests, programs, facilities, minority training, news, and staff-only areas.

Center For Shark Research
United States

An international center for research, scientific collaboration, consulting, education, and public information on sharks and their relatives, the skates and rays. The CSR research mission includes basic and applied studies of all aspects of shark biology, from anatomy and physiology to ecology and fisheries science.

Pacific Angel Shark
United States

Biological profile of Squatina californica with photographs and information on its taxonomy, distribution, distinctive features, reproduction, interaction with humans and status.

Pacific Coast Shark Attack Statistics
United States

Shark Research Committee examines reports of shark attacks on humans along the Pacific Coast of North America.

Pacific Southwest Research Station Marbled Murrelet Research Projects
United States

About US Forest Service investigations on the effects of habitat change on the marbled murrelet (Brachyramphus marmoratus).

North Pacific Universities Marine Mammal Research Consortium

Conducts research on the relation between fisheries and marine mammals.

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center: Wind Power-Related Research Project
United States

Get information about the adverse effects that wind power has on wildlife. USGS Patuxtent Wildlife Research Center site includes photos and links.

Center for Genome Research - Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research/MIT
United States

Information on map and sequence releases, software, and people at the Genome Center.

Center for Cancer Research: Tissue Array Research Program
United States

The TARP Lab's objectives include development and distribution of multitumor tissue microarray slides and related technologies to cancer research investigators.

Foraminiferal Research at Byrd Polar Research Center
United States

Working to construct and interpret a modern benthic foraminiferal and environmental database for the Arctic seas.