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Ecology as Central subject? Punjab, 17 others say no - The Tribune

The Tribune
The Punchhi Commission recommended that the ‚ÄúConstitution needs to be amended to provide a specific entry in List 1 which is the Union List of the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution empowering the Union in matters concerning environment, ecology ...

A world of parasites - Phys.Org

Alex Betts, Craig MacLean and Kayla King from the Department of Zoology, shed light on their recent research published in Science, which addressed the impact that parasite communities have on evolutionary change and diversity. It has been over 150 ...

Meredith & Derek! Cristina & Burke! Remembering Every Single Grey's Anatomy Wedding -
As Jo and Alex prepare to walk down the aisle tonight on the Grey's Anatomy season 14 finale, we're taking a look back at the other Grey Sloan Memorial staffers who have tied the knot. More. Diana Pearl. May 17, 2018 01:00 PM. <p>We never actually saw ...

Peace Matters: Alex Comfort

Great Leighs - United Kingdom

Brief profile which focuses on the author's pacifism and political action.

Who 2: Alex Comfort Profile
United States

Profiles the biologist and author best known for the book The Joy of Sex.

United Kingdom

Site for The Dendrologist, a quarterly magazine. Also contains tree tips and a record of the dates of upcoming dendrology events in the UK.

Alex Boonman

Doctoral candidate Alex Boonman is researching the role of cytokinins in the response of plants to vertical light gradients at Utrecht University.

Alex Foundation, The
United States

Irene Pepperberg's research on cognition and communication of Grey Parrots.

Monkey Matters
United States

Offers information on regulations and nutrition, placement services, publications and videos on captive monkey care and behavior, photo galleries, and more.

Smithsonian Magazine - Small Matters
United States

Illustrated article about how leafcutter ants learned to grow fungi, changing from hunter-gatherers to farmers.

Peace Lily
United States

Basic primer on the attractive indoor foliage plant.

Peace Parks Foundation
South Africa

Promoting transfrontier conservation in Africa. Integration of wildlife and regional development, ecotourism, job creation, wildlife management, safari and travel industries.

Pigs Peace Sanctuary
United States

Dedicated to providing a safe home for unwanted, abused, or neglected pigs and other animals in need.

Peace River Refuge and Ranch
United States

Zolfo Springs. A refuge and educational facility for exotic animals. Includes animal photos, member information, and opportunities to assist.