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He turns color into a precision tool to untangle the 'dance of molecules' - STAT

We're trying to expand the palette because everything has to work together: the microscopes, the molecular biology to express the tags and other proteins inside the cell, and the data analysis. The ability to tune these dyes allows us to better match ...

'Amazing Dragon' Discovery in China Reshapes History of Dinosaurs' Evolution - New York Times

New York Times
A farmer in China stumbled upon some fossils more than a decade ago, which led to an excavation, which led to a realization: It's time to rethink the evolutionary history of some of the biggest dinosaurs that ever walked the earth. In a study published ...
ZME Science
New Scientist
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Introducing … thymic tuft cells -
Purging self-reactive thymocytes from the repertoire is regulated by a specialized stromal cell compartment in the thymic medulla, consisting mainly of medullary thymic epithelial cells (mTECs) that express tissue-restricted antigens (TRAs) under the ...

Pegasus Equine Express, The

Atlanta - United States

Free monthly equine publication based in Moody, AL. Includes local events, articles, horses for sale, and news.

Gene Express, Inc.
United States

Quantitation of gene expression at the mRNA level using RT-PCR technology, in Toledo, OH, USA.

Amplicon Express
United States

DNA Sequencing Services, Custom BAC Library Construction, Bioinformatic Services, cDNA Library Construction and Functional Genomics Services.

United States

Smithsonian Institution exhibit tracking the progress of how these beautiful plants were discovered, collected in the wild, transported, cultivated, hybridized, propagated, and finally mass-marketed to orchid lovers everywhere.

Express Biotech International
United States

Products include catalog for cytokine arrays, direct telomerase detection assays, geldanamycin, mice and rat assays and retroviral antibodies. Offers custom cDNA expression libraries, from Thurmont, Maryland.

Equine Friends
United States

Services include photo classifieds, forums, links, chat, and articles.

Equine Images
United States

The National Magazine of Equine Art.

Equine Advocates, Inc.
United States

Organization promoting the humane and responsible treatment of horses.

Equine Research Foundation
United States

Working to further scientific and public knowledge about equine learning abilities.


Extensive, well-researched information about ERU, also known as Periodic Ophthalmia or Moon Blindness.

Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue
United States

Helps save horses and ponies from slaughter, abuse, and neglect in Ontario. Lists horses available for adoption.