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Novartis to Drop Anti-Infectives Research Programs and Lay Off 140 - BioSpace (press release) (blog)

BioSpace (press release) (blog)
As a result, other groups are also affected including, Pharmacology, Protein Sciences, Project Management and global support functions in Global Discovery Chemistry, NIBR Informatics, Scientific Operations and Translational Medicine. About 150 ...

PerlSource Informatics

Buffalo, New York - United States

Bioinformatics & Biotechnology Training. PerlSource Informatics is positioned at the confluence of biology, medicine and information technology and was established to combine deep domain knowledge of biomedical sciences, genomics and discovery research with industry standard software engineering and design principles.

The main objectives of PerlSource are to :
* Create practical, useful tools for the scientific community in the context of real-life, real-value biomedical problems that researchers face on a routine basis.
* Provide customized and skills-based cross-disciplinary training to life scientists and computer scientists needed to acquire a firm understanding of the basic, underlying principles of each domain (molecular biology and information science).
* Provide industry and academic labs with specialized research, data analysis, management and consulting services to enhance R&D productivity.

Perlsource Informatics
United States

Provides online courses in Perl programming for bioinformatic tools.

United States

Providing integrated information management solutions for the life sciences.

IO Informatics
United States

Provides scientists in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research tools to optimize the mining, analysis and management of life science data.

IO Informatics, Inc.
United States

IO Informatics is at the forefront of the semantic technology wave. The Company provides software and services for uniquely efficient data integration and transformative knowledge applications. Areas of expertise include the life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medicine. IO Informatics products allow users to assemble, view, analyze, and search disparate information in one environment at a fraction of the cost and time previously req

Biomax Informatics AG
United States

Provides computational solutions for better decision making and knowledge management in the life science industry, combining software products with knowledge resources.

ePitope Informatics
United Kingdom

Specializes in epitope prediction and protein analysis for proteomics, diagnostics, therapeutics, life science research, and antibody production.

Tahoe Informatics
United States

Consulting group specializing in training, marketing, and testing.

Biomax Informatics AG
United States

Offers annotated genome database, and DNA and protein sequence analysis tools.

Korea South

The PubMed search system provides access to the MEDLINE and PREMEDLINE databases.

Peptide Peptidomimetic Informatics
United States

Devoted to the modeling of polypeptide structures, aiming to bridge the gap from organic to biochemistry for undergraduates at the University of Pittsburgh, Bradford, PA.