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In Madagascar, floored by the flora while fawning over the fauna -
A biologist by training, I ask a lot of questions — so many that I've been compared to Frank Columbo, the 1970s TV detective whose tag line was, “Just one more thing . . .” My inquisitiveness, however, focuses on understanding the curious attributes ...

Rejuvenating senolytics -
Cellular senescence, which is induced by a variety of stresses, is a state of proliferative arrest that is characterized by changes in gene expression and the secretion of pro-inflammatory factors — known as the senescence-associated secretory ...

Biology of East Africa - Connect2 OWU

Connect2 OWU
Traveling to Tanzania for a wildlife safari is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and to be able to do it having learned the biology makes the experience much more fulfilling. Additionally the financial support of OWU made it possible to do. It's ...

Personality Gene Makes Songbirds Curious

Berlin - Germany

Max Planck scientists find evidence for an association between gene variants and exploratory behavior in great tits. [PDF]

Funny or Curious Zoological Names
United States

List of strange names (such as Chaos chaos, Doryctes fartus, and Leonardo davincii) that have been assigned to animals over the years.

Great Ideas in Personality - Evolutionary Psychology and Sociobiology
United States

Includes links to research papers, web sites, and other reference sources.

Why Cryosuspension Makes Sense
United States

A long article by Terry Grossman, reprinted from The Babyboomers Guide to Living Forever (2000).

United States

Personal reviews of botanical gardens, with links.

Save Our Songbirds

Society to promote awareness of the declining numbers of British songbirds.

The European Songbirds

Photos and descriptions of many familiar birds of Europe, with audio recordings of some calls and a page of birdhouse designs.

United States

Photographs with RealAudio sound recordings of each species' song.


Article from the Max Planck Society on research showing that female promiscuity can reduce the negative consequences of inbreeding in socially monogamous birds. [PDF]

Conservation of Forest Songbirds in Puget Sound
United States

Findings of a study into the effects that predation by American Crows has on forest bird productivity and resultant population size.


Custom gene synthesis.