Ian Maguire's Photo Archive: Mango
United States

Artistic color images of trees, fruit, and flowers of numerous cultivars.

White-billed Diver (Gavia adamsii)
United States

Several images of this bird.

United States

Underwater and Travel photography by Matt McGee featuring sharks, fish, cephalopods and invertebrates.

Flickr: Airborne Cats
United States

Photographs of cats in various states of flight.

Photos From Ucumari
United States

Extensive Flickr photo collection of zoo animals.

Peregrine Falcon
United States

Photo documentation and observations of peregrine falcons re-inhabiting historic California coastal eyries after 50 years by field naturalist, Will Sooter.

Digital Photography for the Field Mycologist
United States

Article by Paul F Hamlyn on identifying fungi, making spore prints and examining spores under the microscope, with photographic images.

Tree Photos - Flickr
United States

See recent and popular tree images from the Flickr community.

Photos Taged With Dogs - Flickr
United States

Find photographs of dogs and puppies on Flickr.

Flickr: Columbine Flowers
United States

Find publicly-posted pictures tagged with "columbine flowers."

Encyclopedia of Life Images
United States

Flickr group for the Encyclopedia of Life. Collection of photos, videos, and scientific illustrations of organisms or their signs (tracks, ...

Tiny Animals On Fingers
United States

Flickr photo pool shares many glorious pictures of insects, birds, and animals perched on human fingers.

Finnish Dragonflies

Checklist of Finland's 52 species of Odonata, portraits, and some impressive action photos showing copulation, foraging, territorial fighting, and courtship ...

Cephalopods - Octopus, Squids, Cuttlefish, Nautilus
United States

Flickr group intended for sharing underwater photographs of marine creatures in the phylum mollusca, class cephalopoda (namely octopus, squids, cuttlefish, ...

Graphic Science
United States

Image galleries of all major insect groups and other arthropods in Australia. Features the work of Australian macro insect photographer ...

Belize Larval Fish Group - A Set on Flickr
United States

This colorful collection of tropical fish specimens represents research done by the Division of Fishes at the Smithsonian National Museum ...

Penguin Planet
United States

The site offers penguin photos by Kevin Schafer, as well as prints for sale and penguin-related links and audio clips. ...

Scottish Nudibranchs
United Kingdom

Deals almost exclusively with this part of the world.

Common Hover Fly (Melangyna viridiceps)
United States

Photograph and information on this species.

NOVA: Leopards of the Night
United States

Special photography equipment reveals never-before-seen leopard hunting behavior. Learn about infrared photography, animal eyes and night vision, and camouflage.

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