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Kangaroo Mobs Invade Australian Streets and Neighborhoods As Droughts Create Food Shortages - Newsweek

Kangaroos in Australia are flocking to metro-suburban areas in a bid to find more food. In Canberra (Australia's capital city), residents have been taking photos of kangaroos feeding in backyards, on sporting ovals and anywhere else they can find food.

Orca whales stun whale watchers as pods splash through the waters off Botany Bay - St George and Sutherland Shire Leader

St George and Sutherland Shire Leader
About 50 killer whales were spotted in the waters off Botany Bay yesterday, July 12. Photos of the incredible sight were posted on Go Whale Watching Sydney on Facebook. Whale watchers on the boat tour about six nautical miles out to sea found ...

47 Photos Of Kylie Jenner's Evolution As A Beauty Trendsetter - HuffPost

Kylie Jenner is, hands down, one of the most influential 20-year-olds in the world. (Just one of her tweets dropped Snapchat's value by $1.3 billion.) People want to dress like her, look like her, wear their hair like her and do their makeup like her ...

Photos of Rays

Bern - Switzerland

Photos of a number of rays and mantas.

Sharks and Rays
United States

Informational booklet including classification, habitat, distribution, life cycle, anatomy and physiology.

Manta Rays
United States

Contains habitat information, history, and some photographs.

United States

With its eerie shape and flapping dorsal fins, the eagle ray is among the most elegant and mysterious-looking fish in the ocean

Sharks & Rays - Animal InfoBooks
United States

Comprehensive reference about sharks from Sea World. Their interactive anatomy tour allows you to familiarize yourself with shark external and internal features.

Manta Rays - The Gentle Giants
United States

Summary of manta ray physiology, food sources, and more.

Torpedoes, Skates and Rays: Order Batoidei
United States

Characteristics of these fish in the subclass Elasmobranchii, which includes the Torpedoes, Skates, Sting Rays and Devil Rays.

Photos of ants

Photo encyclopedia of various ants showing their biology and habits.

Billbergia Photos
United States

Image gallery.

Neoregelia Photos
United States

Image gallery.

Marrubium Photos
United States

Photographs of select species