Biology News
UT Southwestern creates chair in pharmacology - Dallas Morning News

Dallas Morning News
The UT System Board of Regents has approved an Alfred G. Gilman Distinguished Chair in Pharmacology to honor the 1994 Nobel laureate's contributions to UT Southwestern Medical Center. During his 28-year career at the medical center, Gilman was dean ...

Media Advisory: World-Famous marine biologists to speak at WFU - Wake Forest University News Center

Wake Forest University News Center
PRO+ECT welcomes to the Wake Forest University campus three women marine biologists who have dedicated their lives to saving the oceans: world-famous oceanographer and activist Sylvia Earle, renowned coral reef biologist Nancy Knowlton of the ...

How lack of sleep can lead to impaired cognitive function - Irish Examiner

Irish Examiner
Professor Sigrid Veasey, and his colleagues at the Center for Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology, at the University of Pennsylvania, said extended wakefulness in mice caused injury to — and loss of — neurons essential for alertness and optimal cognition.

Photosynthesis Center

Tempe - United States

The Photosynthesis Center at Arizona State University is a multidisciplinary group doing research in several areas of photosynthesis. Also, links to many other related sites.

United States

Provides a definition of photosynthesis.

What is Photosynthesis?
United States

Features a collection of links about photosynthesis.


Official journal of the International Society of Photosynthesis Research. Subscription information and sample copies.

Bacterial Photosynthesis
United States

Information on autotrophic bacteria that use only inorganic nutrients, and heterotrophic bacteria that require an organic source of carbon, with videos from the Microbiology Video Library.

Photosynthesis Research

Official journal of the International Society of Photosynthesis Research.

Systems Biology of Photosynthesis
Czech Republic

Open web platform for modeling and reverse engineering of photosynthetic dynamism.

Botany Online: Photosynthesis

Describes the dark and light reactions of photosynthesis.

Newton's Apple: Photosynthesis
United States

Includes a teacher's guide to photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis, Energy, and Life
United States

Overview of photosynthesis basics and flow of energy in living organisms.

International Society of Photosynthesis Research
United States

The purposes of ISPR are to encourage the growth and to promote the development of photosynthesis as a pure and applied science, to facilitate publication of research in photosynthesis, to sponsor the organization of a triennial International Congress on Photosynthesis, and to promote international cooperation in photosynthesis research and education.