Biology News
AllSpark - a new blockchain ecology for content creators, advertisers and social media users - releases its white paper - AsiaOne

With the development of the ecology, AllSpark encourages and invites more ecological stakeholders to provide users with more personalized DApps. An elite team integrates global media resources. AllSpark's core team has rich experience in global digital ...

Medication-related harm in older adults is common, costly, and preventable - Science Daily

Science Daily
New research indicates that harm from medicines is common in older adults following hospital discharge, and it results in substantial use of healthcare resources. In the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology study, medication-related harm affected 1 ...

Bradley students catch hands-on marine-biology lesson - ThisWeek Community News

ThisWeek Community News
Holland was among 20 students who practiced hands-on marine-biology skills with staff members from Ohio State University's School of Environment and Natural Resources on May 9 at a natural pond at Latham Park, on the west side of Cosgray Road just ...

Phylogenetics Resources

Berkeley - United States

Includes societies, meetings, publications, databases, software, and more.

Phylogenetics Methodology
United States

Introduction to various phylogenetic statistical methodologies.

Phylogenetics of Maxillarieae
United States

Information from the University of Florida Herbarium on the tribal and subtribal relationships of this complex family.

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution

Journal providing a forum for molecular studies that advance the understanding of phylogeny and evolution. Provides information on the journal and subscriptions.

United States

Learn how scientists reconstruct evolutionary pathways using computerized applications in this basic introduction from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Phylogenetics of the Mahogany Jerusalem Cricket in Southern California
United States

Brief overview of the population genetic study being conducted by the USGS San Diego Field Station.

United States

Primer on monosacchardies, their derivatives, glycocongugation, biosynthesis of glycan, glycosaminoglycan and glycolipids. Chime-dependent images include glycoproteins, and links to related research, from the Structural Glycobiology Section of the National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD.

Biochemistry Resources
United States

Resources for student and teachers of college level biochemistry courses, including demonstrations, learning strategies, classroom graphics, and sample course outlines.

Bioinformatics Resources
United States

Course materials, book recommendations and links related to bioinformatics.

Mycology Resources
United States

Links to internet resources of interest to mycologists.

Checkerspot Resources
United Kingdom

Provides a bibliography of the Euphydryas group of Butterflies.