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From birds & fish to fruit trees, Eco Park rich in biodiversity | Kolkata ... - Times of India

Times of India
KOLKATA: The Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (Hidco), undertaking a stock of the biodiversity at Eco Park with the help of the forest d.

Romance is in the air at London's green spaces - Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times
So why not relax on a picnic blanket with your very own Maids of Honour among the exotic flora and fauna, lakes, ponds and ancient trees. There would be no better way to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding than with your own spot of alfresco romance ...

Using biodiversity to weather a changing world - GazetteNET

BELCHERTOWN — Neat rows of freshly planted peach, pear and nectarine trees sit on a hillside at Phoenix Fruit Farm, the newest addition to a decades-old orchard in Belchertown. The new trees are one step toward the vision of Elly Vaughan, a veteran ...

Phylogeny and Reconstructing Phylogenetic Trees

Worcester - United States

Describes the problem of reconstructing phylogenetic trees with the help of a Java applet.

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    Evolution - Phylogeny

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    Phylogeny and reconstructing phylogenetic trees

Phylogenetic Systematics, a.k.a. Evolutionary Trees
United States

tutorial from the Understanding Evolution website covering: how to read an evolutionary tree, how to classify organisms based on evolutionary trees, how to reconstruct an evolutionary tree, and how evolutionary trees are used.

Glossary of Phylogenetic Systematics

An annotated, extensive hypertext glossary of the terminology of Phylogenetic Systematics, with a discussion and criticism of mainstream Computer Cladistics.

Journey Into Phylogenetic Systematics
United States

All about cladistics and the way that biologists reconstruct the pattern of events that have led to the distribution and diversity of life.

New Zealand

PAL library is a Java toolkit for determining evolutionary trends.

NEXML: Phylogenetic Data in xml
United States

Exchange standard for representing phylogenetic data, inspired by the commonly used NEXUS format but more robust and easier to process.

COMPARE 4.6b: Phylogenetic Comparative Methods
United States

Computer software for the phylogenetic analysis of comparative data.

The Compleat Cladist: A Primer of Phylogenetic Procedures
United States

A book about the basics of cladistics. [PDF]

United States

Abstract of a proposed new comprehensive phylogenetic classification of the kingdom.

Phylogeny Inc.
United States

Offers customized in situ hybridization probe design, rodent phenotyping and tissue procurement. Includes gallery of images, and profile of company located in Columbus, Ohio.

Phylogeny, Inc.
United States

Phylogeny aims to accelerate the understanding of fundamental biological processes by enabling scientists to achieve excellence in functional genomic research. Our scientists can help you in designing the most appropriate and cost effective in situ hybridization to answer your most complicated gene expression questions. We even offer a tissue procurement service to provide you with samples if you do not already have them.