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Beloved Texas A&M-University Corpus Christi biology professor, Wes Tunnell, dies - Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Corpus Christi Caller-Times
The scientific community is mourning the death of John “Wes” Tunnell, a marine ecologist and biologist, historian, author and early orchestrator of the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Tunnell ...

New scholarship open to marine biology, environmental students - The Guam Daily Post

The Guam Daily Post
Students pursuing a career in marine biology or environmental science can apply for the More Like Jimmy Scholarship, which will award up to $4,000 per year, per student. An anonymous donor has pledged to award up to $10,000 in total awards each year, ...

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Origami-inspired device helps marine biologists study octopuses and jellyfish - Science Daily

Science Daily
Scientists have tried to find the safest and most effective ways to explore marine life in the oceanic water, the largest and least explored environment on Earth, for years. Each time, they were faced with the same challenge: How to capture delicate or ...
EurekAlert (press release)
National Geographic

Selenium cysteine and epileptic seizures -
In 1822, the French Egyptologist Jean-François Champollion announced the complete deciphering of the hieroglyphs carved around 200 bc into a block of granodiorite, the so-called Rosetta stone. This was an impressive intellectual achievement, as it ...

Physiology - Auditory

Physiology - Auditory [ 1-10 of 10]
Central Auditory Processing Disorders
United States

Central auditory processing is the series of tasks done by parts of the auditory nerve pathways in the brain to ...

Auditory Processing Disorder

People who have normal hearing actually hear far more than they perceive. Where hearing is a function of the ear, ...

University of Western Australia: Clinical Audiology

Information on the Masters program in the School of Biomedical, Biomolecular and Chemical Sciences.

Promenade Around the Cochlea

Interactive presentation of the anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the peripheral end-organ. Aimed at medical and biology students, and available ...

HowStuffWorks: How Hearing Works
United States

Illustrated tutorial traces the path of a sound, from its original source all the way to your brain, to show ...

United States

Brief overview of the inner ear functioning and the main pathophysiology of the auditory and vestibular systems.

Anatomy of Auditory
United States

Systematic presentation of light microscope, electron microscope, and scanning electron microscope images of ear structures. Basic anatomy, but the structural ...

Cochlear Fluids Lab - Washington University
United States

Studies in this laboratory are directed towards system-level physiology of the cochlea.

How the Ear Works
United States

Covers the process by which sound is converted to activity in the audiotory nerve and is aimed at a broad ...

Virtual Tour of the Ear
United States

Index of sites covering human and animal audiology, including case studies, diseases and disorders, and development.

Physiology - Auditory [ 1-10 of 10]