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WATCH: Celebrating 25 years of action for biodiversity - Independent Online

Independent Online
MMC for Economic Development and Spatial Planning Randall Williams said this day sought to increase the understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues as well as promoting active citizenship in the protection of biodiversity, such as the natural ...

Merger Strengthens Future for Marine Biology - Labmate Online

Labmate Online
The Marine Biological Association (MBA) and the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey, (previously the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science - SAHFOS) - successfully established organisations in Plymouth, UK- have joined operations bringing a ...

Ahoua Constant - The Conversation CA

The Conversation CA
2017: PhD in Botany and Phytotherapy; option Phytochemistry at University Nangui Abrogoua ex University of Abobo-Adjam√© (Sciences of Nature Training and Research Unit). 2010: Advanced Degree Diploma (DEA) in Management and Valorization of ...

Phytophthora Online Course: Training for Nursery Growers

Corvallis - United States

Learn about Phytophthora and reduce the risk of Phytophthora disease in the nursery. Modules include biology, management and P. ramorum.

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    Botany - Plant Pathology

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    OSU Phytophthora Online Course: Training for Nursery Growers
    A free course to learn about Phytophthora and to reduce the risk of Phytophthora disease in the nursery.

American Hosta Growers Association (AHGA)
United States

Trade organization for nurseries that specialize in the growing and sale of hostas. Features a membership forum and hosta of the year.

Sedges - Carex Species at San Marcos Growers
United States

Describes growth habit and preferred habitat of several varieties available for cultivation in California.

Newborn Nursery
United States

With details and advice on helping your dog give birth and raise newborn puppies. Includes information on difficult births, supplies, and things to look out for.

Diospyros kaki (California Rare Fruit Growers Association)
United States

Botanical, cultivation and cultivar information for the Asian persimmon.

Cill Ide Native Plant Nursery
United States

Suppliers of native (USA) plants for wetland and stream restoration projects. Location: North Carolina, USA.

Pisauridae: Nursery Web or Fishing Spiders
South Africa

Photographs and information on South African species from the Biodiversity Explorer.

Sue Templeton's Salvia Specialist Nursery
United States

Includes photos and information for many species; information about the Salvia Association of Australia.


Fact sheet for the beetle that has become a concern in many urban landscapes and nurseries.

Fishing For Phytophthora

Water body sampling project at Murdoch University. Contains overview, finds with maps, explanation of results and photo gallery.

United States

Mature oogonium and amphigynous antheridium.