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Tree physiology: Tracking tree carbon gain -
Tree physiology: Tracking tree carbon gain. Ute Sass-Klaassen. Wood formation drives the storage of carbon in trees and other woody plants. A detailed analysis of conifer xylem tissue formation reveals how the intra-annual dynamics of biomass ...

To Battle Encroachers And Tree Fellers, Group Documents Flora And Fauna - The New Indian Express

The New Indian Express
BENGALURU: A group is systematically documenting the flora and fauna in the city in the hope of better conservation. Project Vruksha has already made progress in Malleswaram, Sadashivanagar, Jayanagar, Byrasandra, Jakkur and Hampinagar, and it ...

On a path of discovery, Naturalist reteaches busy adults how to take a walk in ... - Omaha World-Herald

Omaha World-Herald
The school is not about PowerPoints and pop quizzes — it's about getting up close and personal with the bugs, dirt, trees, fungus and other flora and fauna of the natural world. Phillips' approach is multi-pronged. New Tree School hosts about 40 ...

Almost 60 percent of Amazon trees 'threatened' (but there is good news too) -
Up to 57 percent of tree species found in the Amazon qualify as globally threatened, according to new findings from an international research team. The same study shows that the best chance of protecting biodiversity in the region is for 'Amazon ...
Tech Times
Bloomberg BNA
ZME Science

Deer Camp 2015 - The Biology - Wauwatosa Now (blog)

Wauwatosa Now (blog)
Deer camp is situated on our tree farm in southern Door County - where our second home happens to be. Southern Door is farm country characterized by dairy operations, agricultural fields and large tracts of contiguous forest and bottom land - a polite ...

Study On Evolution Of Cacao Plant Could Pave Way For More Chocolate Flavors - Tech Times

Tech Times
A new study that found cacao tree to have existed 10 million years ago could pave the way for new chocolate flavors. The new cacao evolution study, which pointed the rich genetic diversity of cacao tree may help experts enhance chocolate industry all ...

Sweet History: You Should Thank 10 Million Years Of Cacao Tree Evolution For ... - Tech Times

Tech Times
Lack of genetic variation among cacao trees may lead to decrease in chocolate supply. However, scientists were able to trace Cacao's history to around 10 million years ago that may shed light in its evolution and can help in breeding new trees to ...
Western Daily Press

Pine Tree Taxonomy

Pinus strobus (White Pine)
United States

Describes leaves, cones, and bark. Provides facts about height, diameter, and longevity. Includes photo and illustrations.

Pinus resinosa (Red Pine)
United States

Photos and facts about this species' native range, branching characteristics, height, diameter, and longevity.

United States

Provides forest genetic services to the national forests and cooperators in Oregon and Washington. Includes an overview of services, center ...

Tree Identification Expert
United States

Offers software which identifies northern forest trees. Includes details of the trees covered and an FAQ.

United States

taxonomy: Organisms are classified in a hierarchical tree structure. Our taxonomy database contains every node (taxon) of the tree. UniProtKB ...

United States

Compendium of research papers describing the characteristics and distribution of important broadleaf and coniferous forest trees of the United States ...

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine
United States

Dedicated to the oldest-known living tree, growing in the White Mountains in east central California. Information about the location, dendrochronology, ...

Araucaria angustifolia
United States

Physical features, habitat, and classification of this species, commonly known as the Paranza pine or Brazilian pine.

NCBI Taxonomy
United States

Searchable and browsable taxonomy tree of organisms for which there are publicly available gene sequences.

Wollemi Pine International Pty Ltd.
United States

Joint venture aiming to propagate and market the Wollemi pine in Australia and internationally. Facts, photos, and news about the ...

Araucaria araucana (Monkey Puzzle Tree)
United Kingdom

Image of mature tree and closeup photo of leaves.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine
United States

An exploration of this tree of western North America, consisting of two species (Pinus longaeva and P. aristata), including characteristics, ...

NOVA: Methuselah Tree
United States

Explores the life cycle of the world's oldest living thing: the bristecone pine of California's White Mountains.

United States

Description and images of this species, commonly known as Parana pine or Candelabra tree.

Wollemi Pine, The
United States

Scientific, historical, and growers information. Includes photo gallery.

Wollemi Pine

Information for kids about the so-called Dinosaur tree.

Pinus bungeana (Lacebark Pine)
United States

Brief fact sheet plus images of mature tree, twig, fruit, leaf, and back.

Pinus flexilis (Limber pine)

Features photos of entire tree, leaves, and cone. Describes physical characteristics and habitat.

Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pine)
United States

Describes physical characteristics and provides photos of mature tree, bark, fruit, and leaves.

Pteridium aquilinum
United States

Photograph and detailed description of bracken.

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