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DSLCC Hosts 34th Field Ecology Governor's School - Roanoke Times

Roanoke Times
For the thirty-fourth year, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College in Clifton Forge hosted the Field Ecology Summer Regional Governor's School from June 11 to July 6. Twenty-three students from six middle and high schools in the DSLCC service area ...

'Nature calls' upon youth to protect flora and fauna - The Hindu

The Hindu
Chief Conservator of Forests and Project Tiger Field Director S. Saravanan explained to the students the importance of protecting the flora and fauna on the hills. The students planted 10,000 saplings. As many as 2,500 seed balls were dropped in the ...

Human nature? Why ecology is a critical part of city infrastructure - GreenBiz

Tom Carver, BRINK News executive editor, spoke with Timon McPhearson, associate professor of urban ecology and director of the Urban Systems Lab at The New School, about the fast-emerging field of urban ecology and the importance of treating nature ...

Pit Vipers - eNature Field Guides

Washington - United States

Find profiles and photos of pit vipers: copperheads, rattlesnakes, sidewinders, massasaugas, and cottonmouths.

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United States

Owl pictures from a searchable nature and wildlife database.

International Field Guides
United States

A web supplement to Diane Schmidt's book, A Guide to Field Guides.

Aquarium Guides
United States

Provides information and articles about aquarium fish and other aquarium related topics.

Antlion Pit: A Doodlebug Anthology
United States

Information about antlions or "doodlebugs" (Myrmeleontidae) and their role in human imagination. Includes exclusive videos, world species map, and bookstore.

Antlion Pit: A Doodlebug Anthology
United States

Collection of resources including videos of antlion feeding behavior and metamorphosis.

Pit Bull Reporter Magazine
United States

Dedicated to educating pit bull owners and the general public about the true history and nature of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Pit Bull Rescue Central
United States

Offers Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Pit mix dogs available for adoption.

United States

Destination for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and environmentalists. eNature offers animal and plant field guides, habitat guides, news, and community tools.

Antlion Pit:
United States

Article about the relationship between medieval bestiaries and modern zoology.

eNature: Trees
United States

Photographic nature field guides for identifying trees, sorted by leaf type: needle-leaf conifers, scale-leaf conifers, untoothed simple leaves, toothed simple leaves, lobed simple leaves, compound leaves, and palms.