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'Lab rats of molecular biology' find home on campus - Cornell Chronicle

Cornell Chronicle
Fruit flies in your kitchen are an annoyance, but fruit flies in a research lab play a vital role in advancing our understanding of biology. Some scientists refer to the fruit fly species Drosophila melanogaster as the lab rat of molecular biology ...

Adele Millerd obituary: plant biochemist was one of Australia's first female Fulbright scholars - The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald
She returned from the US in 1953 and was appointed senior lecturer in the University of Sydney's biochemistry department. After study leave at the McCollum Pratt Institute at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore in 1959, she returned to Australia to ...

New scientific model to aid young students in understanding biology - Penn State News

Penn State News
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A new aspect of scientific modeling in childhood classrooms called "Transformation Boxes" can help young students better understand biology, an international researcher says. Andres Acher, associate professor at University of ...

Plant Biology at Cornell University

Ithaca, New York - United States

The Department of Plant Biology is home to the Basic Plant Sciences on campus. The Department has 31 Faculty including members from other Cornell Departments, the USDA Plant, Soil & Nutrition Laboratory and The Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research. Research in the Department is also supported by some 24 postdoctoral fellows and research associates. In addition, the Department of Plant Biology administers the Graduate Field of Plant Biology, a successful interdisciplinary Ph.D. training program that produces some of the top leaders in Plant Biology Research & Education.

Mission : Today's World brings an unprecedented series of challenges. We are faced with global climate change and its implications for agriculture and the extinction of wild species, energy shortages, and new epidemic diseases. Research in the basic plant sciences is potentially of great significance in addressing aspects of each of these phenomena. The Department of Plant Biology at Cornell University is unusually positioned to contribute solutions to these problems through its broad based and innovative studies of basic plant biology.

Cornell University's Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic
United States

Provides diagnosis services to extension, homeowners, and commercial growers.

United States

G. F. Atkinson's photographs on the web. Many beautiful amanitas. Determinations may not be to currently accepted names (caution). Use the search facility to get the set of amanitas for review.

Cornell University - Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
United States

Dedicated to the study of plants and associated organisms for the betterment of society.

Cornell University -  Cell and Developmental Biology

The Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, begun as the Department of Anatomy over one hundred years ago, is interested in fundamental questions in biology that ultimately relate to human health and disease. The department hosts a full complement of outstanding faculty, post-docs, and students, with diverse backgrounds and interests.

Cornell University - Office of Undergraduate Biology
United States

Overview of the department, core requirements, programs of study, advising, research, careers, alumni, and news.

Ohio State University - Plant Biology
United States

Emphasis is on plant cell and molecular biology, developmental biology, physiology, biochemistry, and biotechnology.

University of Bern - Institutes of Plant Biology

Includes information about institutes of plant physiology and geobotany.

University of Fribourg (Switzerland) - Plant Biology

United States

Includes a faculty listing, information about facilities, graduate and undergraduate information, and news.

University of California, Berkeley - Plant & Microbial Biology
United States