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Kill Those Invaders or Welcome Them? Scientists Split Over Invasive Species - Haaretz

Do you wage an all-out war against invaders — or do you treat them with compassion? The question is a burning one — at least among environmentalists, scientists and government agencies in Israel trying to develop a strategy for handling invasive species.

Scientists race to name unknown species before biodiversity disappears - Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle
This week, experts are meeting in Medellin, Colombia to discuss what governments can do to tackle the "unprecedented threats" to biodiversity. As a species, we have reshaped our planet in ways that could precipitate an unprecedented extinction crisis.

Plant Biology is a Gateway - Hackaday

The process of staining can be found in a biology textbook, and some people learn best by reading, but we haven't read a manual that makes a rudimentary lab seem like the wardrobe to Narnia, so he gets credit for that. Admittedly, you have to handle a ...

Plant Species-Level Systematics Symposium

Leiden - Netherlands

Topics covered include species radiations, molecular evolution, multiple genomes, and identification and diagnostics. Contains program, online registration, tourist information, and related links. Leiden, The Netherlands.

Plant Species Biology
United States

Aims to communicate and exchange knowledge and ideas on plant species and their biological aspects. Free access to tables of contents and abstracts.

Wisconsin Vascular Plant Species
United States

A checklist of naturally occurring vascular plants in Wisconsin with photographs, distribution maps and habitat descriptions.

World's Boreal Forests: Animal and Plant Species

Fact sheets and photos for mammals, birds, trees and other plants of boreal regions.

Across Trophic Level System Simulation
United States

A simulation system for the Everglades and Big Cypress Swamp (USA).

Biological Effects of Low Level Exposures
United States

Studies dose-response relationships to toxic agents, pharmaceuticals, and natural products over wide dosage ranges in in vitro, and in vivo systems, including human populations.

United States

Abstract of a proposed new comprehensive phylogenetic classification of the kingdom.

Illustration of Prion Replication and Spread at the Cellular Level

With descriptive explanation.

Peptide Symposium

4th International and 29th European organized from Geneva, Switzerland. Details of six day meeting in Gdansk, Poland.

Northwest Algal Symposium
United States

Phycologists from the Northwestern United States and Western Canada: includes contact and activity information.

International Herpetological Symposium
United States

Provides a yearly symposium for the dissemination of data and research pertaining to amphibians and reptiles.