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Anatomy terms appropriate for Legislature, senators say - Kearney Hub

Kearney Hub
LINCOLN — Debate at the Nebraska Legislature on Thursday took an anatomical turn when Sen. Carol Blood of Bellevue speechified about the need to use medically correct terms when discussing women's health. Blood delivered the fiery sermon after she ...

Sunshine, artists, draw crowds to 40th annual Central Park festival - The Ledger

The Ledger
Among the many works on display and on sale: jewelry fashioned from coffee beans, orange peel and other natural materials; sand sculptures made with the sugar-fine deposits found on Sarasota-area beaches; photographs of South Florida flora and fauna ...

Molecular Biology Analyzers Market Trends by Key Players, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Cost ... - Pharmaceuticals News

Pharmaceuticals News
Molecular Biology Analyzers Market reports (2018-2022) provide a valuable source of insightful data for business strategists and competitive analysis. It provides the Molecular Biology Analyzers industry overview with growth analysis and futuristic ...

Plastination of Anatomical Materials

Ann Arbor - United States

A description of the process and its advantages.

Plastination of Anatomical Materials
United States

Plastination is a process of preserving organic material. Water and fat in tissue are replaced with silicone in a process which, for most specimens, takes about one month. Preserved tissue is first dissected and then dehydrated with acetone. It is immersed in a silicone bath under vacuum until the replacement of acetone is completed. After plastination, the resulting tissue is safe to handle (i.e., toxic fixatives are eliminated), the tissue has

Anatomical Record, The
United States

Official journal of the American Association of Anatomists, publishing new discoveries in the morphological aspects of molecular, cellular, systems, and evolutionary biology.

Wildlife Materials, Inc
United States

Manufacturers of animal radio collars and other locating devices for use with pets or in the field. Lists and describes product uses. Some items can be ordered online.

Anatomical Models
United States

Here you will see realistic plastic human Anatomical and Anatomy models of the; Brain,Eyes,Throat,Larynx,Ears,Neck, Spine, Skeleton,Thorax,Chest,Abdomen, Hand,Wrist,Elbow,Shoulder,Hip,Knee,Ankle,Foot,Leg,Arm,Heart,Lungs,Liver, Pancreas,Kidneys,Adrenals,Bladder,Reproductive organs,Male,Female,Muscles, Joints,Nerves,Spine,Skull and more. You can buy Normal and abnormal models made from the best materials available.There are Degenerated Spines,Vert

Anatomical Terms of Location
United States

Article from Wikipedia describing the complex terminology necessary to be used when describing the anatomy of animals in order to avoid confusion.

European Cells and Materials Journal

ECM offers free access to abstracts and full text in PDF of peer-reviewed papers. Provided as the official journal of Swiss Society for Biomaterials and Tissue and Cell Engineering Society. Includes online submission and related links.

Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland
United Kingdom

The learned society within the U.K. and Republic of Ireland for those concerned with research and education in the anatomical sciences.


Illustrates both the skeletal and muscular anatomy.

Oxford Materials Electron Microscopy And Microanalysis Portal
United Kingdom

The Department of Materials has a long and distinguished record of research in Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis, especially in the areas of technique development, defect analysis and high resolution microscopy. In addition, electron microscopy and microanalysis are an integral part of many research activities of other groups in the Department, including processing, polymers and ceramics, and there is a strong interaction with the modelling g

United States

Research to identify native plants that can help solve natural resource problems, including carbon sequestration, erosion reduction, wetland restoration, streambank protection, and coastal dune stabilization.