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Pa. officials on the lookout for threatening flora, fauna - Herald-Mail Media

Herald-Mail Media
The officials left with a resolve to work on eradicating the toxic flora and to keep the dangerous fauna at arms length. “All parts of the (poison hemlock) are poisonous to mammals, especially seeds and leaves,” Trilby Libhart, botany and weed ...

Duterte to agencies: Preserve biodiversity - Business Mirror

Business Mirror
“I exhort all concerned agencies and local government units to uphold the concept of inter-generational responsibility in [the exploration] and utilization of our mineral wealth, the protection and preservation of our biodiversity, anchored on the ...
Borneo Bulletin Online

'Protection of fishermen, ecology important' - Times of India

Times of India
MARGAO: South Goa MP Narendra Sawaikar on Wednesday expressed confidence that the genuine grievances of fishermen with regards to the draft Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) notification, 2018, will be considered while finalizing the regulations.

Poison Protection

Philadelphia - United States

Offers information on how the kidneys function in the excretory system.

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    Anatomy - Excretory System

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    Body Systems: Excretory System - The Human Heart: An Online Exploration from The Franklin Institute, made possible by Unisys

Poison Oak
United States

Botanical, toxicological and ethnobotany information, with photographs, on Toxicodendron diversilobum and other related and unrelated plant species containing the toxin urushiol.

What Poison Ivy Looks Like
United States

Includes information, pictures, stories, and facts about poison ivy.

Poison Ivy Information
United States

Information from on this poisonous plant, wrongly classified as Rhus toxicodendron, its description, constituents, medicinal action and uses.

New York Times: There's Poison All Around Us Now
United States

Review of "Silent Spring."

United States

Features basic information including plant identification tips and treatment methods. From the American Academy of Dermatology.

Healthline: Poison Oak
United States

Article about the allergic skin rashes caused by poison ivy, oak, and sumac. Includes description, causes, symptoms, and treatment for the painful plant rashes.

InteliHealth: Poison Ivy
United States

Offers treatment and prevention advice.

Poison Dart Frogs
United States

Images, sounds, and suggestions from a Poison Dart Frog enthusiast.

Toxicodendron radicans: Poison Ivy
United States

Photograph and description of this shrub or vine which secretes a toxic volatile oil, with information on its habitat and range.

Toxicodendron vernix: Poison Sumac
United States

Photographs and description of this shrub or small tree with toxic sap, and information on its habitat and range.