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Introducing the Research Resource Identification Initiative at PLOS Biology ... - PLoS Blogs (blog)

PLoS Blogs (blog)
Today sees PLOS Biology and PLOS Genetics linking in with an exciting pilot study using the principles set out by a Force11 group, the Research Resource Identification Initiative (#RII). Through the use of unique Resource Identifiers (RRIDs), authors ...

Breakthrough system controls diabetic's insulin - New York Daily News

New York Daily News
For most of her life, Alecia Wesner has been haunted by type 1 diabetes, a disease that never lets her get a good night's sleep. But for nearly a week in November, she got the best rest of her life, thanks to a revolutionary smartphone tool that ...

LT science students to create video game on biodiversity - Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune
The Field Museum is hosting a Biodiversity Arcade, where students explore the museum collections, research life underneath the deep blue sea and discover the aquatic evolutionary tree of life. Teens will learn to utilize Scratch, a free software ...

Pond Life Identification Kit

Sunnyvale - United States

Simple guide to small and microscopic pond life. Offers biological profiles of bacteria, protozoa, algae, worms, arthropods, and other very tiny creatures.

Pond Life Identification Kit: Protozoa
United States

Provides an overview of some of the major freshwater groups of the microorganisms.

Digital Video Gallery: Pond Life
United States

Includes multiple videos of 10 genera of Rotifera, along with many species of Protozoans, Algae, and other organisms.

Science Kit
United States

Biology education supplies. Distributor of biology kits, supplies and instruments for school and college education.

ACeKit - A C. elegans Survival Kit
United States

Introduction to Caenorhabditis elegans, including value to biology, biotechnology, medicine; and links to major bioinformatics resources and search engines.

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
United States

Program for interactive dissection of a frog from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Murdock, Punkin & Kit-Kat
United States

Cats on leashes that go to science fiction conventions.

A Pond in Seattle
United States

Research overview, details of methodology, such as Xenopus cDNA probes, for expression during embryonic development and related Wnt gene and zebrafish links, from laboratory at the University of Washington.

Pond Fairies
United States

Photographic study of the freshwater bryozoan, Plumatella repens.

Ron's Pond Scum
United States

Photographs and descriptions of freshwater microorganisms.

Fluffy's Frog Pond
United States

Offering African Clawed Frog facts and care information.