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Toxicology Laboratories Market Adopts Innovation to Stay Competitive, 2015 - 2021 - Medgadget (blog)

Medgadget (blog)
facebook_180x18099 Toxicology in the field of biology, chemistry and medicines, deals with the study of adverse effects caused to living organisms due to certain chemicals. Toxicology testing involves detection, identification and also the measurement ...

Biology major adds 5 new courses to core curriculum - Central Michigan Life

Central Michigan Life
The fall 2016 semester saw a complete change in course material for incoming freshmen biology students. The biology department restructured the major and curriculum, adding five new foundational classes mandatory for all majors. Steven Gorsich, a ...

Neurobiology and Clinical Manifestations of Methamphetamine Neurotoxicity - Psychiatric Times

Psychiatric Times
Methamphetamine is a CNS stimulant, and its chronic abuse continues to be a significant problem in the US and worldwide. Powerfully addictive, it has devastating effects on health and other aspects of life. It is a schedule II drug, which can be ...

Pond Life Identification Kit

Sunnyvale - United States

Simple guide to small and microscopic pond life. Offers biological profiles of bacteria, protozoa, algae, worms, arthropods, and other very tiny creatures.

Pond Life Identification Kit: Protozoa
United States

Provides an overview of some of the major freshwater groups of the microorganisms.

Digital Video Gallery: Pond Life
United States

Includes multiple videos of 10 genera of Rotifera, along with many species of Protozoans, Algae, and other organisms.

Science Kit
United States

Biology education supplies. Distributor of biology kits, supplies and instruments for school and college education.

ACeKit - A C. elegans Survival Kit
United States

Introduction to Caenorhabditis elegans, including value to biology, biotechnology, medicine; and links to major bioinformatics resources and search engines.

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
United States

Program for interactive dissection of a frog from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Murdock, Punkin & Kit-Kat
United States

Cats on leashes that go to science fiction conventions.

A Pond in Seattle
United States

Research overview, details of methodology, such as Xenopus cDNA probes, for expression during embryonic development and related Wnt gene and zebrafish links, from laboratory at the University of Washington.

Pond Fairies
United States

Photographic study of the freshwater bryozoan, Plumatella repens.

Ron's Pond Scum
United States

Photographs and descriptions of freshwater microorganisms.

Fluffy's Frog Pond
United States

Offering African Clawed Frog facts and care information.