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Volunteers pull invasive water chestnut plants from Wantagh Mill Pond - Newsday

More than 30 volunteers gathered at Wantagh Mill Pond on Friday to remove water chestnut plants, an invasive species that can affect the local flora and fauna. The star-like plants, while seemingly harmless, are detrimental to the pond's ecosystem.

Nature Walks in Morristown's Foote's Pond Wood; Tonight July 12 -
Munther will lead attendees on a walk around Foote's Pond Wood Park to view and identify its flora and fauna and describe its ecosystems and habitats. A great opportunity and introduction. Can't make it tonight, don't worry, another walk is scheduled ...

2018 Litchfield Summer Gifted Academy - Hands On Zoology -
Claire Osborn (left) and Kiersten Stangle examine preserved brown recluse and black widow spiders in Hands on Zoology. The class also got to use dissection microscopes from Blackburn College to get a better look at insects, pond water and specimens ...

History and ecology intersect in Mill Brook study - Martha's Vineyard Times

Martha's Vineyard Times
This concept could maintain recreational and aesthetic purposes at Mill Pond dam, while reducing solar heating and restoring the ecology of the stream in this location.” Among several other recommendations, the committee also advocated for taking steps ...


Digital Video Gallery: Pond Life
United States

Includes multiple videos of 10 genera of Rotifera, along with many species of Protozoans, Algae, and other organisms.

Pond Life Identification Kit
United States

Simple guide to small and microscopic pond life. Offers biological profiles of bacteria, protozoa, algae, worms, arthropods, and other very ...

United States

Member of the Associated Koi Clubs of America and the International Waterlily Society.

Pond Fairies
United States

Photographic study of the freshwater bryozoan, Plumatella repens.

Water Net
United States

Article by Jan Parmentia on the freshwater alga, Hydrodictyon, that reproduces so fast that it can become a pest.


Photograph, diagnostic features, habitat and distribution of pond water-crowfoot.

United States

Article by Jan Parmentia on this green alga and its reproductive methods, with several photographs.


Photographs of yellow pond lily, its flowers and foliage.

Hakone Gardens
United States

Gardens and original buildings were built in 1918. Attractions include a koi pond, sculptured trees and plants, a bamboo park, ...

Pond Life Identification Kit: Protozoa
United States

Provides an overview of some of the major freshwater groups of the microorganisms.

FishKeepers Forum
United Kingdom

Independent forum for all matters relating to keeping pond and aquarium fish and plants.

KOI USA Magazine
United States

Containing articles about pond construction, filtration, breeding, fish health, classification, dealer listing, and AKCA news and upcoming events.

Pictures of Swans
United States

Photographs taken at Horn pond in Woburn, MA.

Ron's Pond Scum
United States

Photographs and descriptions of freshwater microorganisms.

Taxodium ascendens
United States

Description and images of the pond cypress, which is sometimes known as T. distichum.

United States

Information from Wikipedia on these pond herons that mostly breed in the tropical Old World.

United States

Physical features, range, and ethnobotany of the pond Pine. Includes image of bark.

Alken-Murray Corporation
United States

Having septic tank problems or trouble with ammonia, sludge buildup and other pollution or disease in your aquaculture pond or ...

Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens
United States

Contains thousands of plants, including several champion trees, and features a pond, swamp, and stream. North Stamford, Connecticut, USA.

Just what is this Stuff we call Algae?
United Kingdom

Information on the freshwater algae likely to be found in a garden pond.

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