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Best of 2017: Top Picks from Genome Biology - BMC Blogs Network (blog)

BMC Blogs Network (blog)
As we near the end of 2017, Dominique Morneau of Genome Biology highlights some of the editors' favorite articles from the past year, including those that were highly accessed, shared, liked and discussed. Dominique Morneau 15 Dec 2017. Evolutionary ...

POKÉMON Zoology Project Shows What the Creatures Would Look Like IRL - Nerdist

I'm wishing Pokémon existed in the world even more now that I've seen Joshua Dunlop's Pokémon Zoology series. He's approaching the fantastical lil' monsters in a new way by illustrating them and considering what their biology would realistically be.

Call to increase city's biodiversity - Gisborne Herald

Gisborne Herald
GISBORNE District Council has been called on to plant more native trees and boost the district's wildlife through its Community Facilities Strategy. The Department of Conservation (DoC) Turanganui a Kiwa office, and the Women's Native Tree Project ...

Porphyromonas Gingivalis Genome Project

Framingham - United States

Organism most strongly associated with human periodontal disease. Comprehensive resource with information on pathogenesis, genetic tools, cloned genes, photographs, and related links.

Porphyromonas Gingivalis Genome Project (PGGP)
United States

Researching the genetic sequence of Porphyromonas gingivalis, the organism most strongly associated with human periodontal disease.

Salamander Genome Project
United States

Development of expressed sequence tags (ESTS) and a comprehensive genome map. Includes project overview, linkage maps, and conserved syntenies .

Cat Genome Project
United States

Features genetic markers and maps, animal model, and publications. maintained by the Laboratory of Genomic Diversity at the National Cancer Institute.

Horse Genome Project
United States

International cooperative effort to define the DNA sequence of the domestic horse.

Human Genome Project
United States

Information about the Project, its progress, history, and goals; issues associated with genome research; frequently asked questions, the science behind the project; and Project sponsors.

United States

Chromosome 11 genomic database. Includes information about anchoring BACs from RPCI-23 library to the genetic markers, physical map, and end sequences of the BACs. Baylor College of Medicine .

The Floral Genome Project
United States

Ambitious effort to map floral genetics with attention to "missing link" taxa, hosted at Penn State University and funded by the National Science Foundation.

Genome Sequencing Project
United States

A tardigrade genome sequencing project, launched in 2007.

United States

Particular focus on Amanita bisporigera and the genes related to amatoxin production in this genus.

Genome 10K Project
United States

The UCSC Genome 10K project aims to assemble a genomic zoo--a collection of DNA sequences representing the genomes of 10,000 vertebrate species, approximately one for every vertebrate genus.