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Scientists Change Biology with Technology - Voice of America

Voice of America
These ideas may sound unreal, but scientists are creating technologies that use their knowledge of biology and make changes with a computer. These scientists are working with artificial intelligence (AI), using the power of computers to copy ...

Big Data Meets Big Biology in San Diego: Some Takeaways - Xconomy

As the two fields of big data and big biology come together, Nicholas Schork of the J. Craig Venter Institute said he sees a number of emerging trends: personalized, or precision medicine; adopting artificial intelligence to extract meaningful insights ...

Scientists Modify Biology with Technology - Voice of America

Voice of America
Imagine storing digital data in DNA, wearing a device that makes you smarter, or creating new materials by manipulating the genes of microbes. They may sound like science fiction, but scientists are working on these technologies that combine what they ...

Precision Technologies Pte Ltd

Singapore - Singapore

Singapore supplier and distributor of scientific equipment and reagents.

World Precision Instruments
United States

Distributes a variety of instruments for life science research. Offers online ordering and technical support information.

Covance Pte Ltd
United States

Covance is one of the world's largest and most comprehensive drug development services companies with more than 12,000 employees in 60 countries. Through its lead optimization, nonclinical, clinical and commercialization services, Covance has helped pharmaceutical and biotech companies develop one-third of all prescription medicines in the market today.

Palico Biotech Pte Ltd

One of Singapore's leading suppliers of biotechnology, life sciences equipment, Palico Biotech meets the needs of research institutes, biotechnology companies, universities and polytechnics. Besides comprehensive after-sale services, we also offer annual preventive maintenance service contracts to our customers to ensure optimum performance of their equipment.

RadLink Diagnostic imaging (S) Pte Ltd

At RadLink, We provide quality diagnosis, treatment planning, response monitoring, therapy and prognosis for both patients and clinicians, through our Diagnostic Imaging centers, PET/CT scan centre and a Cyclotron facility. Supported by a strong team of highly qualified and experienced radiologists, RadLink delivers a comprehensive suite of imaging techniques that facilitate cancer staging; nervous system, bone and joint analysis; as well as t

RI Technologies

Established in 2006, RI Technologies is a premier source of market research on the Biotechnology & Healthcare sector. Our dedicated team works 24/7 to deliver unique reports that are of immense value to investment banks, companies, management consultants, trade associations, corporate executives, business analysts, libraries, universities, and business schools. We emphasize on factual insights and forecasts with maximum global coverage. RI Techno

Lipomics Technologies, Inc.
United States

Resources in therapeutics and diagnostics for metabolic disorders. Includes powerpoint-dependent slide show of lipid metabolites, and library of fatty acids and sterols from discovery and development company, offering commercial lipid analysis and contract research, based in West Sacramento, CA.

ArmaGen Technologies
United States

Company focus on developing technologies for siRNA delivery across the blood-brain barrier.

Lark Technologies
United States

Offers GLP facility for contract and analytical services in DNA sequencing, genotyping and genetically modified organism testing for recombinant technologies. Corporate and investors' overview, and ordering from Europe and their base in Houston, TX.

Operon Technologies, Inc.

Manufactures synthetic oligonucleotides, genes and microarray products, and offers worldwide distribution from Alameda, CA.

Stemcell Technologies
United States

Develops and sells kitsand reagents for selection, media for enrichment, as well as offering contract assays, proficiency testing and training. Includes international laboratories, headquartered from Vancouver, Canada.