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Capturing ecology 2017 photo competition - winners in pictures ... - The Guardian

The Guardian
The British Ecological Society has announced the winners of its annual photography competition, Capturing Ecology. Taken by international ecologists and students, the winning images will be exhibited at the society's joint annual meeting in Ghent.
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Botany & Bureaucracy: Pep Vidal's “Who Wants To Be An Impatient Gardener?” at ADN Galeria, Barcelona - Blouinartinfo UK

Blouinartinfo UK
View of the exhibition "Who Wants To Be An Impatient Gardener?" Pictures by Roberto Ruiz. (Courtesy: ADN Galeria). Related. Venues. ADN Galeria. ADN Galeria, Barcelona is presenting Pep Vidal's “Who Wants To Be An Impatient Gardener?”. This project ...

Conservation Corner: Exploring nature through pictures and print - Lancaster Eagle Gazette

Lancaster Eagle Gazette
Ohio's Natural Heritage edited by Michael B. Lafferty. Jointly published by the Ohio Academy of Science and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in 1979, this compilation of various authors and illustrators is a comprehensive look at the flora and ...

Primal Pictures Ltd

London - United Kingdom

Primal Pictures was established in 1991 with the goal of creating the only complete and medically accurate 3D model of the human anatomy. In July 2003 we completed this mission. Our 3D anatomy software is widely adopted in education and it is currently used for patient, practitioner and student education in over 20 countries. In 2010 over half a million students will learn anatomy using Primal software.

Bug Pictures

Gallery of photos of insects and spiders, mainly from France.

Cheetah Pictures

Many photographs of cheetahs that can be freely used.

Pictures of Lions

Many photographs of lions that can be freely used.

Lichen Pictures
United States

Photographs of Acolium hawaiiense, Acroscyphus sphaerophoroides, Anaptychia leucomelos, Bacidia medialis, Bryoria furcellata, B. smithii, Buellia aeruginascens, B. proximata, B. pruinosa, B. tincta, Caloplaca erythrantha and Teloschistes flavicans.

Bacterial Pictures

Provides images of the causative agents of Anthrax, Yersinia and several generalised bacterial cells including the walls of gram positive and gram negative cells.

Pictures of Bryophytes

Photographs of mosses and the facility to purchase many more on CDs and DVDs.

Pictures of Swans
United States

Photographs taken at Horn Pond in Woburn, MA.

Pictures of Turkeys
United States

Offers a variety of wild turkey pictures taken near the conservation land of Horn Pond in Woburn, Massachusetts. Site also offers picture ratings and message board.

Just Our Pictures of Roses
United States

Selection of rose photographs from Susan in New Zealand and Regina in Nevada.

Gorilla Pictures and Facts
United States

Provides photographs of gorillas and many interesting and entertaining facts.