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Ageing effects on physiology and nutrition of older pets – part 1 - vet times

vet times
An increase in the percentage of elderly pets has occurred, similar to humans. About one-third of pet dogs and cats in the UK are more than seven years of age, although the age a pet becomes “old” is difficult to define and old age is not a disease.

Cape Cod residents, scientists note declining water quality - Boston Herald

Boston Herald
These algae blooms, while not deemed harmful by themselves, choke the oxygen out of the water, killing various flora and fauna. Since sampling began in 1997, the two bays have not met the state's water quality standards, Howe said. "The real problem is ...

Antipsychotics prove effective in killing drug-resistant cancer cells - Newswise (press release)

Newswise (press release)
“Perphenazine was able to decrease tumor growth by shutting down cholesterol metabolism in cancer cells,” said Omer Kuzu, postdoctoral fellow in pharmacology, who is the lead author on the study. “But the problem was that the drug concentrations ...

Problem Behaviors in Cats

Scottsdale - United States

Addresses problem behaviors in cats with suggested remedies.

Comparison of Some Similar Chimpanzee and Human Behaviors
United States

Essay about symbolic communication, medicinal plant usage, and Bonobo peace keeping.

Can Cryopreservation Solve the Abortion Problem?

A thoughtful article by Thomas Gramstad which examines the social implications of preserving aborted embryos. From Longevity Report.

Eukaryotic Gene Expression Problem Set
United States

Multiple choice questions about post-transcriptional modification of RNA, promoters, and nuclear RNA processing. From: University of Arizona, USA 1997.

United States

Celebrates cats for the people who love them with stories of origin, pictures, training tips, and descriptions of various breeds.

Cats In Need
United States

Nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue group. Cats
United States

Articles, guides, photos, and links for feline care and appreciation.
United States

Information about cat care, adoption, breeds, health, behavior and other topics.

Mosaicism in Cats

The genetics underlying the very rare male tortoiseshell pattern in cats.

United Kingdom

Factsheet on the wild cat, Felis sylvestris, its habits and its interactions with man.

United States

A site about captive bred wild cats. They're the ones that raised Shaka and Zulu from the infamous Mountain Dew commercials.