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New online database brings the genome into focus using molecular structure - Phys.Org

The database is freely accessible to anyone on the web, where it allows scientists to study the functions and structure of RNA with greater speed and ease than in the past. This will help facilitate basic research into human biology and could pave the ...

Michael W. Young receives 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine - The Rockefeller University Newswire

The Rockefeller University Newswire
Michael W. Young, a biologist who studies the genetic regulation of biological clocks, accepted the Nobel medal and diploma today from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. Young was announced as a recipient of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine ...
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Kim Nasmyth — a UW postdoctoral alumnus — wins Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for discoveries in cell biology ... - UW Today

UW Today
As a UW researcher, Nasmyth isolated a gene in budding yeast that is a key regulator of the complex cell cycle that cells in many organisms, including humans, go through. In 1980, Nasmyth moved to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory as a postdoctoral ...
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Asian Scientist Magazine
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Procaryotic Database of Gene Regulation

Braunschweig - Germany

Focuses on pathogenic bacteria. Offers genetic sequences categorized in different ways. Includes links to sources with genome databases.

Regulation of Gene Expression
United States

Overview of different aspects of gene expression, including transcription, chromatin modification, and analysis of whole genomes, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass, USA.

Gene Therapy Net - News, Clinical trials, Guidelines, Regulation, Articles, Education, Societies
United States

Information resource for gene therapy news, clinical trials, guidelines, regulation, literature, databases and educational information, scientific research articles and more gene therapy information

Gene and Protein Synonyms DataBase

Free service for retrieving all synonyms for a given gene or protein name.

United States

Genex is an open source database for storing, processing, and analyzing gene expression microarray data.It is intended for local installation by medium sized laboratories with some system administration support. No activity since 2003.

The Tissue Nonspecific Alkaline Phosphatase Gene Mutations Database

Provide information about genetic variation of the alpl gene responsible for hypophosphatasia. Includes a downloadable list of genotypes and mutations .

Advances in Enzyme Regulation

Reports progress at the cutting edge in the strategic area of regulation at the molecular level.

Advances in Enzyme Regulation

Reports progress at the cutting edge in the strategic area of regulation at the molecular level.

Plant Growth Regulation
United States

Subscription information, samples, and links.


An international journal publishing original articles on all aspects of plant growth and development.

Harden Conference: Inositol Phosphates and Lipids - Regulation and Function
United Kingdom

60th meeting to be held for five days at St. Martin's College, Ambleside, England.