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Günter Blobel Solved a Mystery of Cell Biology: How Proteins Navigate the Body - Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal
It was “one of the great experiments in the history of biology,” said James Rothman, chairman of the department of cell biology at the Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Blobel's Nobel Prize came with an award equivalent to about $960,000. He donated it for ...

Sound new technique tunes into the shifting shapes of biology ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
Scientists have come up with a novel way of quantifying cell shapes -- with a lot of mathematics and a little musical inspiration.

What lava lamps and vinaigrette can teach us about cell biology -
Their instructors at the Marine Biological Laboratory asked them to decipher how pellets of RNA and protein called P granules form in worm embryos — a tall order given how long the structures had flummoxed biologists. Yet as soon as Courson and Moore ...

Marine biology-themed pavilion pitched for Venice Pier - Curbed LA

Curbed LA
A new proposal would bring new exhibit space to the Venice Fishing Pier. John Belista | Shutterstock. A new attraction may be in store for the low-key Venice Fishing Pier if plans from the Venice Oceanarium come to fruition. The nonprofit organization ...

Stephen Hawking's moving argument that human evolution has gone far beyond biology - Quartz

Physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking died today (March 14) at 76. Hawking's major achievements included developing the first theory of cosmology unifying general relativity and quantum mechanics, and some of the most essential research on black ...

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HMM library for all proteins of known structure
United Kingdom

This is a server for structural superfamily assignments to protein sequences using Hidden Markov Models. The services included are: -homology ...

Swiss-Pdb Viewer

User-friendly interface allowing analysis of several proteins at once, including superimposition to deduce structural alignments, and compare active sites. From ...

Biomolecular Interaction Network Database (BIND)

BIND is a database designed to store full descriptions of interactions, molecular complexes and pathways.

YMF - DNA Motif Finding Program
United States

Finds novel transcription factor binding sites by searching for over-represented (most significant motifs) motifs in DNA sequences.


The focus of the GBF project "Molecular Bioinformatics of Gene Regulation" are regulatory genomic signals and regions that govern transcriptional ...

Silva: Comprehensive Ribosomal RNA Databases

The provided databases comprise SSU and LSU sequences of all three domains. Online search and alignment tools are available and ...

QGRS Mapper
United States

Generates information on composition and distribution of putative Quadruplex forming G-Rich Sequences (QGRS) in nucleotide sequences and NCBI genes.

Zinc Finger Tools
United States

Helps users design zinc finger transcription factors.

Your Lab Data
United States

A free web-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), aimed at a typical small molecular biology laboratory allowing members to have ...

United Kingdom

A database of sequence comparisons between all publicly available prokaryotic genome sequences, allowing the on-line visualisation of comparisons between up ...

UEA Plant sRNA Toolkit
United Kingdom

A suite of tools for the analysis of sRNA datasets from high-throughput sequencing experiments.

New Zealand

Interactive database of mRNA regions and motifs from all species and genomes. Users can browse the pre-computed data tables, search ...


Scans sequences for potential Transcription Factor binding sites using Patser and TRANSFAC.

Systems Biology of Photosynthesis
Czech Republic

Open web platform for modeling and reverse engineering of photosynthetic dynamism.

United States

Tool for querying Evidence Viewer Database (EVDB), a comprehensive, non-redundant collection of splice variant data for human genes.

United States

Suite of user-friendly tools that evaluate the impact of gene splicing variation on specific molecular biology techniques.


Collection of sequence analysis tools.

United States

Scansite searches for motifs within proteins that are likely to be phosphorylated by specific protein kinases or bind to domains ...

Searching GenBank
United States

Text and similarity searching, provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

United States

Converts amino acid and nucleotide sequence data formats including FASTA, GenBank, Phylip and others.

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Products And Services - Online Services [ 41-60 of 168]